Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How 'bout Them Apples!?

Brad likes apples.  Specifically the golden delicious apples that are served at his school for lunch.  Brad is also smart.  He has figured out how to get as many apples as possible.  He takes the two he is permitted.  He has all his friends take theirs.  He trades for chocolate milk, or whatever.  He has many kids giving him their extra apples. Kids he does not even know give him apples.  He fills his backpack.  He comes home from school and goes right to the fridge and unloads 10-14 apples.  He eats 4-6 a day.  He eats the whole apple, stem and all.  This is the kid who won't eat food I make "because of the texture."  No longer a valid excuse.

Kids at school are starting to call him Apple Boy or Johnny Apple Seed.