Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fall Photos

 I tried and tried to get her to look and smile at the camera.  She didn't.  But I did capture lots of her personality.
 I can hear her talking to me in this photo.

 Wesley was so proud to show me his house he drew.
 Ready for church one Sunday

 Some pumkins!

 FALL!!  so pretty!

 Wesley didn't want his picture taken.

 A very large grasshopper that we all watched.  The little one attacked the big one!

We could see it's mouth munching on the leaf!  Open, shut, open, shut!
 Eden watching the grasshopper.  Much funner to watch her than the grasshopper.

 All gone!  We couldn't find him anymore.
 Playing catch

At dinner the kids were talking about Donald Trump and Hillary.  Again.  This time they were discussing if they would go to heaven.  James was quiet through the discussion then he piped in and stated, "If he's going up there {points up}, then I'm going down there {points down}!
I love that Eden loves for me sing "I love to see the Temple" when I rock her to sleep.  She only likes me to sing the second verse.  It goes:
 I love to see the temple.
I'll go inside someday.
I'll cov'nant with my Father;
I'll promise to obey.
For the temple is a holy place
Where we are sealed together.
As a child of God, I've learned this truth:
A fam'ly is forever.
So sweet!  She says to me, "Sing 'go inside!'"
I was driving one day and James asked me, "Is Dad drunk?"
"No." I responded.  "Why?"
"Why can't he drive?"
I tried to explain as simply but clearly as I could to his 6 year old mind that Dad has seizures, what a seizure is, and that we want Dad to be safe etc. I told him Dad can drive and that he is a good driver.  I told him that he takes medicine to help him not have them.  
He thought some more then asked, "Can seizures spread?"
"No."  I told him.  
Eden has been pretty funny lately.  Asking questions and telling us what to do.  She loves to take care of her babies.  She had the stomach flu the other day.  It was so sad!  Then when she started feeling better she went to the kitchen table, sat down, and asked, "Mom, make dinner please?"  She was so polite about it!  She also likes to tell me things that happen and then show me.  She'll say it like, "I frowing up like {She makes a wreching sound.}" or I go faster like {She pulls a facial expression with wide eyes and a tiny circle mouth and blows fast.}.  She is so packed full of personality!
 Eden wants to go swimming.

 Rylan getting his "Bicuspid aortic valve" checked.  He's doing great.  It is interesting to see him start to understand a little bit better as he gets older.

 Eden has great bedhead!!

 Beautiful evening!
 My awesome working husband! (wondering why I am taking a picture of him.)
A gloomy morning.