Monday, August 1, 2016

2nd Half of July, Phone photos.

 Feeding the fish for Family Home Evening.

 Eden grabbed these "mnms" at the grocery store and carried them around.  Then she saw suckers and dropped the mnms in the cart.  She carried that sucker around and would not let me take it.  When we got up to pay, she set it on the belt at the checkout.  Then she waited on the other side.  I had told the  cashier that I didn't want to buy it.  Eden waited for it to come out on the other side and kept saying, "sugar.  sugar?  sugar."
 Sunset from last night that I enjoyed with Reagan.

 Eden likes to wear my shoes.

 Fat Cats

 She snuck into the bumper cars.
 watching people fly.
 This is how it goes with Rylan when asked to do any kind of learning exercise.
 Sleeping with an elephant.
 In the hot tub at Kristel's.
 Out to eat with a BUNCH of kids!

 Cave west of Idaho Falls.

 Touring the museum exhibit called "Rebels with a cause."

 Looks like politics hasn't changed.
 Egen Lakes

 James vacuuming in style.

 Reagan's cabbage.
 More selfies from Aubryn.

 Splash pad.  we drove to three before finding one that worked.