Sunday, July 16, 2017

 Eden LOVES riding in boats and stuff.

 Breah and I sewed her some shorts.

 Shrinky dinks!

 sliding down the stairs
We had a family home evening about protecting ourselves from evil.  We made a shield.
1. pray everyday
2. scriptures everyday
3. commit to it
4. courage.  You have got to have guts sometimes!
5. avoid idleness
6. lean on the Lord
7. plan and prepare ahead of time.
8. make the effort

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Random Silliness

Someone asked me if Reagan (10) was my brother.  That made me feel great, but at the same time it was the cashier at the D.I. who asked.
While driving in the van the song came on, "Mony, Mony!  Like a Pony!"  When we got out of the car James said, " That song is crazy!  It's my favorite!"
"Mom, want to know why I don't call you 'mother'?" James asked me.
"Sure." I said.
"Because it sounds weird."
I walked out in the back yard and looked at the hammock hanging in the shade.  "Ohhh, that hammock is calling my name!" I said.
"Is it really?" Rylan asked.
After Brian and I returned from Mexico, James asked me why we don't all go on vacation together.  I told him we were going to Idaho soon.  "We always go to Idaho." He replied. "Like, New York.  I want to see the "alfle" Tower and the Statue of Liberty."
I bought a pitching net for the boys at a yard sale.  Reagan and Rylan were throwing pitches into it and Reagan threw one out of the pitch zone.  "That would be a perfect ball!" Rylan said to Reagan.
"Thanks, sheesh, Rylan!"  Reagan replied.
"It's so hot out here." Wesley said to Aubryn as they walked down the street on a hot day. "Prolly cus it's Sunday."
I was prompting Eden through her prayers.  I said, "I thank thee for Jesus." assuming she would repeat me.
She said, "Thank thee for my Jesus."
Then I said, "Please help me to sleep well tonight.
She repeated, "Please help mom to sleep well tonight."
I was trying to get Eden down for a nap one afternoon.  She was not interested.  "Can I watch Tinker Bell?" She asked me.  She wouldn't take no as an answer.
"Eden we need to close our eyes for a little bit, then you can watch Tinker Bell." I said.
She sat straight up. "But if I shut my eyes, I can't see the Tinker Bell!"

Fun in Idaho!

 Playing with Collin's toys.  Reagan got to ride a dirt bike and he loved it.

Found this chair at a yard sale.  It was on the mayflower and was only $25!  I passed it up and Brad couldn't believe it!!

Bryce Rydalch's 70th Birthday party!

 We celebrated my dad's 70th birthday on July 7th.  It came together great!  Everyone helped and it was AWESOME!  I think we really surprised Dad!  He has done so many fun things through his life!  It was fun to collect pictures of him and make a display.  I found a picture of him being held by his dad on his blessing day!  childhood pictures of baseball and with his dog. DJ days, TV days, and lots of Grandpa days.  What a rich, full life he has!!!

 Greg Blazer, childhood friend from Plano.

 Nadeen Ashton

 Reminiscing with Steve Cannon, they worked at the News channel for a long time together.  Steve is the weather man.

 teal was the color of the day

 Morgan and Collin

 Craig and Mandy

 Van, Nadeen, and Nicole

 Bagley's and Olsens.  Dad's two sister's.

 Church friends

 Lane and Suzanne

 Mike and Lisa Hunter

 Mike Sommer, old mission companions and life long friends.

ALL the siblings were there!!  It has been years.  I really feel like it was a miracle.  I don't use that word lightly.  Not only that everyone came, but I had very sick kids the day before and prayed that we would all be well enough to come.  Also, I was surprised to see my dad stand for hours visiting with old friends and family.  His feet usually really hurt him and he can't stand long.  I hope he knows how much we love him and that this made him feel loved and special.  He is a hard working, dedicated man!
 Rydalch Clan!
 Hawks crew!

 Tanja and Craig

 Brian and I


 Greg and Reagan

 Addi, Rylan, Eden, Ian, and Clare

 Scott and Cherie