Sunday, October 14, 2018

 Beautiful Fall

 Boys picking up neighbor's leaves, in church clothes, but  barefoot.
 Looking at the mission plaques at church.  "There's Brad!"
 Harvesting the garden.

 Cool Wesley is getting the hang of basketball.

 Kids and pumpkins

 "Are you lost?" she asked the dear in the store.

 Coloring while I shop.

 Bagging leaves

 Aubryn playing ball
 Eden with pumpkins

 First snow on the mountains

 Back of the van
Eden told me this week to "Put it in the comments."  I was confused.  Then realized she watches too much youtube.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

 When the red sun hits the mountains just right, it is quite a sight!
 During General Conference, which was wonderful.  They changed church to 2 hours!

 leaves are changing!
 Aubryn watching her favorite band, Twenty-one Pilots.  They just released a new album!
 Eden chillin' in the cart.
 Pink bath with mermaids!  It doesn't get any better!
 Scooter gang

 Wesley was less than enthusiastic during his first basketball game.  Second game went a little better.  He ran, not walked, down the court.  James was all about it!  He loved it and scored!
Eden doesn't want to get baptized. She doesn't want to have a baby. She doesn't want to go on a mission. She told me these things all at random times and was really worried about them all. I'll share a video where she tells me a little about it. Then later she and Wesley decided they were going to get married. I guess that's ok, because she doesn't want any babies. She told me she wanted to marry him because he showed her how to get in her jammies and told her to go potty before bed so she doesn't pee in her bed at night. (Like I never told her any of that) Then all weekend she has been carrying her baby dolls around. She takes good care of them.

Wesley was upset the other day. He sat in the big chair with the sad face. After awhile I asked him what was wrong. He wanted to play outside but his pants were a little big and would start to fall down when he ran. I asked why he didn't just change his pants instead of waste so much time being upset about it. He sat there a little longer, then changed into shorts.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Missionaries Singing "Peace in Christ. Brad playing

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Brad Arrived in New Mexico Oct 1, 2018

"Good evening! We wanted to let you know that your son has arrived in the New Mexico Albuquerque Mission! He is excited and ready to go! Tonight was dinner and interviews with President Guffey and tomorrow will be trainings and proselyting. Here is a picture of him with President and Sister Guffey!"IMG_3116.JPG
It was so good to talk to Brad on the phone yesterday!  He was in good spirits, but nervous.  He was concerned about his good friend and got special permission to call him.  As we talked, he opened up a little more.  I was telling him that Eden just doesn't get it, as in how long he'll be gone.  He said, "me too."  
"What?" I asked.  I was just going to continue what I was saying but then that sank into my brain.
"After you guys drove away I was standing there with a bunch of missionaries and I thought, 'What am I doing here?! I need to go home!'"
When we left, he didn't even turn back!  He seemed excited and happy.  And we were all yelling BYYYEEEEE at the top of our lungs as we drove off and then had to turn around and drive back by again.  Still no glance our way! I was surprised to hear him tell me that.  I think the reality of the situation must have hit him.
He said the MTC is it's own world.  He knows it will be different in the field. He was nervous about talking to people, which surprised me a little because he always likes talking with people. He said they have to talk to people everywhere they go!  The unknown is scary!   Hearing that other boys he knows have returned early has definitely rattled him.  He really likes his companion from the MTC.  He told me that they couldn't be more opposite and they get along great.  He made many great friends there!  He told me he has something crazy like, 82 pages of spiritual notes and a lot less of journal pages.  
I really enjoyed our visit and as I listened to his voice, I got emotional.  I cried as I told him that there is no doubt in my mind that he can do this!  "You'll do great!  You can do this.  Give everything you have to the Lord!"  I told him I loved him and we hung up.  
He called Brian at work for a bit.  Then he surprised me by calling back to talk to Eden and Aubryn. (boys were still at school) That was sweet to hear.  Eden asked where he was.  She is four.  He told her he was at the airport.  "Are you coming home?!"  He told her he's flying on a plane to New Mexico. "oh." she replied.
These missions are strange things.  I'm all for them, of course!  It just seems so unnatural to cut off regular communication with your child and for them to be plopped into a new place with new people away from everything they are used to.  I do see the value in that.  They can give EVERYTHING they have to God.  They are not divided in anyway.  
I love my missionary!!  I miss him, but know he is in the right place!  I know angels are with him.  I know that Heavenly Father needs him to serve and he can do what he was called to do!

Sunday, September 30, 2018

 Playing cards
 She took my phone in the chapel for James's baptism.
 Right before leaving for James's baptism!  Yay!

 Two handsome boys!
 Opening his gift from Grandma and Grandpa, fully protected.
 Filming the last scene of their video. 

 scripture time

 John Bytheway!  We love listening to him!
 Eden asked me where Brad's candy was while I was preparing his room for my parents to sleep in.  I didn't know where it was and then she wanted to see Brad.  "When can we see him?"  I told her not for a really long time.  Then she went and got this poster that he gave her and said, "We can see him right now!"
 Sewing in Beehives

 Working on the video
 Reagan and Cordon
 Watching BMX bikers

 Watching a girl sing
 Wesley likes to do the splits
 Shopping for a bike in walmart
 Eden wants me to make those jammies for her doll
 Buried in food

 At the library!