Sunday, July 21, 2019

July is fun!

 James is a Christian!
 Yummy snack.  This is one way to get all the kids together.

 Eagle Project aftermath
 Cardiology check up for Rylan.  No change and he is good for a year before needing another check up.  YAY!!
 My fly friend.  It landed on my painting and walked around for a good 15 minutes.  I started to grow fond of it.  I bumped it with my brush and it buzzed and then moved over.
 Sleeping kids are sweet

 Brian! ha ha ha
 My fly friend
 Summer days

 Summer evenings
 Bike riders

 I sewed her jumper.  Trying to motivate myself and do the things I used to love to do. 

 Doing her workbook

 My dad and husband and their socks
 Brad is 19!

 Beautiful Idaho Falls

 My kids couldn't understand what all this was about.

 Cherie's husband, Scott died suddenly and unexpectedly July 5th.I'm soooo sad for my sister and my niece.  So so so sad.
 4th of July fun!  Brad and Brian
 Brad at the parade
 Brad's oxymoron shoes and socks


 Bought Brad his temple clothes to be an ordinance worker.
Showing Rylan his special letter