Sunday, December 16, 2018

Happy Text

I got a text tonight from a member that told me they were making chex mix.  I told them thank you for having Elder Hawks over and they replied, "They are fantastic Elders. Very diligent and work hard."  That is good to hear!

Best Big Sister!

Uplifting music parody to Car Radio for church activity

Lomond View Choir Christmas Concert 2018, heavenly choirs

Lomond View Choir Christmas Concert 2018, I can only imagine

Lomond View Choir Christmas Concert 2018, Little Drummer Boy/ Betelehewm

Lomond View Choir Christmas Concert 2018, Born on Christmas Day

Elder Hawks

Happy to see this photo of Brad at their first baptism.  They are teaching this entire family.  They have the others committed to baptism also.
Brad is doing well.  I am so happy to hear good news each week.  He does lots of service, even asked me to send him more jeans.
I was told by the local Branch President that he is serving with that Elder Hawks is always cheerful and has a big smile on his face.  I believe Brad is in his element.  It will be hard for him to get back to "regular life" when he returns. 

 Wesley's gift to Brian
 Wesley's gift to me
 I wrote words in church and Eden copied them.  I was pretty impressed.
 A quote from church today that I really liked.  Especially the last part.
 Our list of ways to help our family that we came up with in our group during Young Womens.
 My Meal I ordered last night.  It was "Chicken Enchilada"  Can't you tell?
 What I woke up to the other day.

 Candy cane tree glasses
 Lomond View Christmas Concert!  So fun and sooo good!
 Rylan and Reagan

 Rylan had a check up this week at the cardiologist.  His enlarged ascending aorta measured the same as it did in May.  That is good news.  We don't want it to get any worse.  It will not shrink back to normal, but as he grows and it stays the same then his z score will go down.  HOPEFULLY!  I believe that is what will happen.
Eden and Wesley practicing their self control.