Sunday, April 8, 2018

Rest of Spring Break

 Stuffing eggs for one more Easter Egg Hunt with all the candy from the other events while we listen to conference and Brad ice's his face.
 It was a great Conference!

 Get the eggs!
 Wesley during conference.

 My living room during conference.
 Hair do from conference.

 I wrote a list for each day of Spring Break, while we were home
 Super article about brad in local magazine!  Here is a LINK to the article.

 Ready to go to Washington D.C.!!!  Brad's dream!
 I took the six youngest kids to Idaho for a few days.  James bit Reagan.  I made him write 5 reasons we don't bite.
1. It could hurt people
2. You could loose a tooth
3.  It would make many consequences
4.  It would leave a mark
5.  It might bleed
 Saying night to daddy far away

 Wesley hurt his finger really bad while I was at my mom's house.  (He was playing pool at Kristel's and as he grabbed a ball off the table Ian rolled one and Wesley's finger got caught in the middle of the collision. sad. )This was that night (Friday).  The next day I took him to the doctor.  Broken.
 He wouldn't let anything touch his hand
 "Which finger is it? OH!  The colored one." The x-ray gal said.

 Broke the tip.  Called a tuft fracture. Glad nothing else was hurt and it was aligned. 

 This x-ray was a lot funner to look at when it was zoomed out.   Looked like he was flipping somebody off.  Thank goodness it is the ring finger! 
 He had that same expression the whole time.  No matter how friendly they were to him.  He didn't even want the sticker.  He was pretty bummed and I think hurting lots.
 Then when we walked back into their house everyone ran up to him when they found out it was broken.  They had questions and he was getting quite a bit of attention. Then this slow grin appeared on his face and he proudly put that "I got an x-ray" sticker on his shirt.  I was glad to see he could still write.
 This is a picture of all the kids in the basement during a tornado warning!!!  AHH  After they were all safe in the basement, us "adults" ran outside to watch the crazy storm!  The sky was rumbling with constant thunder and flashing with lightning.  The sky was moving soo much it was captivating.  Then the Hail/ chunks of ice starting shooting from the sky!  Kristel said their neighbor was running when the storm hit and when he got home he was bleeding.  I've never seen a storm like this!  Their house was damaged.  Holes in the siding and dents in the truck and my van.  Chips in my windshield too.  I also read that about 50 geese got struck by lightning and fell in a parking lot.
 Collin holding a piece of hail.
 After the storm as it blew away

 Picked these up in the driveway after the storm was mostly over.
 West side of the house.  Those are holes from the hail. We drove home after the storm. Lots of homes damaged.  It was still windy as we drove. Kind of scary.
 Ready for church!  I sent this to Brian.

 A picture of the radar during super cell storm.
 Wesley's finger Sunday.  He broke it Friday.
 Making little pizzas for dinner.

Back to school tomorrow!  Only 7 more weeks of school!
Wesley said to me today, "I don't want to be a boy or a girl."
"Why?" I asked.
"Because girls have to{pause} have the babies and boys have to have {pause} beards."

Mountain Man Rendezvous (Right after cemetary Sat before Easter)

 Greeting horse!

 We LOVE the mountain man rendezvous!!  Kids loved watching these two skin this beaver.  Cutting around eyes and then off the nose!  So gross!  See it's chopped off feet sitting there?

 petting bear skin

 All done!
 It was like we stepped back in time, except for this leather sign.

 throwing axes!  Reagan got the bulls eye on his second throw!  So we told him to stop there!  ha ha!

Brad missed out.  He was home with swollen cheeks!