Thursday, November 20, 2014

One day last week I needed to do something important on the computer, so I got crayons and coloring books out for James and Wesley.  I sat down to type my reasons for NOT wanting to be on jury duty for THREE months (THREE MONTHS!) and I heard Wesley snapping crayons.  "I break it!"  over and over!  He wouldn't stop, so I jumped up and took the crayon box away.  I sat back down and Wesley began chucking the crayon bits he had by him all over the kitchen!    THIS is why I can't be on jury duty, people.
James has been sick with an upset tummy all day.  Tonight he was laying on my floor while we watched some show on sewer systems as I nursed Eden.  He asked me, "Mom, do you like tall worlds?"  I made him repeat himself a few times.  I was not sure what he was saying.
"Oh, tall worlds?  Like, cities??"
"yeah.  I don't like them."
"OHhhh.  Yes, I like cities."
James tells me regularly, "I love you, Mom.  I love you foyeveh and eveh."
I am Reagan's new den leader for Wolf Cub Scouts.  I came downstairs wearing my scout shirt for the first time today and the kids laughed at me.  "You look weird, Mom!"
I said, "I am Akela Hawks."
They still thought I was weird.
The other day while I was helping Wesley say the blessing on the food, he was repeating my every word I said so well. (He is talking better and better.  It is so fun!)  I decided to have him bless each person in the family by name.  When I said, "Please bless Wesley."  He repeated, "Please bless Mom."
Other things Wesley says:
   Stop it Bradley! (He always calls Brad by his full name and we don't know where he picked it up.  So funny)
   Bradley is coming!
   I want peanut butter.
   I yuv you.
   Read a book!
   I want moye peese.
   Me do it.
   I want to see.  (usually after I take a photo of him.)
Reagan bore a sweet testimony in Sacrament meeting this month.  It was tender and heartfelt.  He began with , "Hello.  I know Jesus is the Savior.  I know Joseph Smith was a true prophet.  I know He died for me."  It was touching, but I think we should work on the order he states things.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Eden is 6 Months Old!

I am sad that Eden is 6 months old.  I know it is good and she is growing and healthy, but I am sad to no longer have a tiny baby.  I never will have that ever again.  She is so much fun and such a good happy baby!  Everyone loves her so much.

I wanted to take pictures of Eden in this sweater because it is one that Aubryn also wore.  I took these yesterday while she was still five months.  

Thursday, November 13, 2014

First Snow

They both wanted to go out in the snow so bad.  Somehow Wesley was a little wiser to what he needed to wear.

They both tried on several hats from the bin.

Wesley in the snow.


The kids have such beautiful lashes!

I crocheted some booties!

I made her headband.

Sorry for the photo overload.  I am loving the stage that Eden is in right now.  She is SO CUTE and FUN!!  The great winter light that comes in my windows is great for photos.