Thursday, August 21, 2014

Eden is 3 Months Old

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I was trying to get to Walmart one day about a month ago.  I couldn't ever get out of the house.  I really rarely can.  So I thought to look on their website.  I started putting things in my cart as kind of a list of what I needed with prices.  When I hit $50, I got free shipping.  So, I kept adding things I needed; baby wipes, nursing bra, command hooks, some skirts, a glue gun, etc.  Brian said to just order it, save me a trip.  I thought it would be here about a week later.  Instead, I started getting random packages here and there about 2 weeks after I ordered.  I get about one a week.  Usually just one or two items per bag or box.  No rhyme or reason to how things are sent.  It has been SO weird!!  Today the FedEx truck stopped and brought me a box from Walmart with some skirts.  I picked it up at the front door and a few minutes later went out the garage door to pick up kids from school.  Up drives the UPS truck with this HUGE box.  I set it down in the garage and opened it to see a box of wipes and two nursing bras.  Ha ha!  It was FULL of these air bags.  The kids had a HAY DAY popping them.  Sounded like a war zone.  I ran up the stairs with Eden so she wouldn't get scared. When they were picking up all the plastic to throw it away Brad read the packaging that said they were environmentally friendly.  Hmm, not so sure I believe them. I would not recommend buying anything from  Free shipping= you get what you pay for with some popping bubbles to boot! 

First Day of School

Aubryn 4th grade!

Reagan 2nd grade!

Rylan 1st grade!

Wesley joins them.

Eden joins them!  Reagan and Rylan are showing off the $$ their teacher asked for.

James not interested in pictures.

Brad after his first day of 9th grade!!  He came home with tons of homework already.  BLAH!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

One day after going to the library we asked Reagan to pick out a book to read.  He said, "I don't want to read any of these books!  They all have too much words in them!"
Reagan said the opening prayer in Primary at church a few weeks ago.  He prayed, "...Please bless us to have fun today.  Please bless us to have fun tomorrow.  Please bless us to have fun our whole lives."
Last week it was my birthday and we ventured out to go to dinner.  Rylan referred to me as the "birthday gril".  I chose Chick-fil-a because I thought the little kids could play while I had a somewhat peaceful dinner.  The kids did a lot of running from our table to the play area.  Rylan had to use the bathroom and when he came out he announced to me, "Mom!  I don't have diarrhea anymore!"  Happy birthday to me!  When our food came I was happy to see Brian had ordered the largest amount or chicken nuggets that they had.  It was a catering platter.  I think there were 65 nuggets.  We kept the plastic serving tray with it's serving prongs.  Woo hoo, bonus! Plus I wanted a certain salad there that I had a few months ago.  I ordered the wrong one!  bummer.  Oh well, reason to go back! ha.

Brad was the photographer

Balloon Festival

The one and only Balloon we saw at the balloon festival

I tried to get a shot of the balloon and happened to get this girl showing her doll.

Then I got the nice couple.

The family

We don't make a scene or anything.

At the County Fair

Ogden Temple Open House

The piano in the tent outside the temple was playing by itself.  I told the kids it was the Holy Ghost.