Sunday, May 26, 2019

May is busy

 Sadly, Reagan fell out of this as he was trying to get out.  He was too big for it.  He really hurt his thumb.  I think it is sprained.  Can you sprain a thumb? 

 Eden is a daredevil.  She loves the crazy rides!!

 My "to do" list for Saturday.  I decided to add a "to be" part to it.
 Brad skyping into a baptism.
 5k race

 camille's empty house.  waahhhhhh
 Brad was soooo happy to find Hatch green chilies
 Brad, before departing the mission he loves.
 Unpacking at home
 Waiting for him to arrive

 Watching the luggage thing turn

 Reagan's graduation from 6th grade

 Trying on swimsuits for Florida!

 Mad about James not singing her name, but something else in the happy birthday song.
 Sitting in the bishop's chair
 Eden opening her gifts on her birthday

 Wesley watching them make pizzas and loving it. "pizza, pizza, pizza."

 Wesley's reader theater
 After their concert
 Grandma Mary scrolling through and commenting to James and Wesley about everything.
 James is student of the Month

 Reagan pitching.  He does really well.
 Rylan hitting

 Young women's cupcake contest. Aubryn and I won "Best Skills"
 Brad calling on Mother's day.
 Nice letter
 They like to dress alike to trick people

 Playing with the hamster, Josh dun.

 Mother's day

 Wedding cake I helped with.  I put beads and flowers on hit and helped smooth it.
 The card James wrote to me that made me cry.  That's what he sees in me???? sad
 The bride and groom exiting the reception
 Sitting area at the reception
 We made tons of flower arrangments for center pieces

 I did that flower arrangement

 Eden put make up on her dolls with a sharpie.  She now understands what "Permanent" means.
 Nice brother

 Aubryn up to bat

 Eden made a church

 This storm hit us HARD at one of Aubryn's games
 Max and Wesley

Brad Mortensen's first autograph