Sunday, November 25, 2018

 Christmas decor is out.  We need to get a tree still.
 I think it is finally safe to hang the stockings without fear that a little one will pull them down and get hurt by the stocking holders.

 Hanging out while Grandpa David and Grandma Jenny visit to bring Aubryn her gift.

James was naughty at church.  This is his apology note to his teacher.
 Eden Swimming like a dolphin in St. George.

 Wesley, Eden, James
 Aubryn getting sung happy birthday to. VERY loudly.

 Thanksgiving dinner at Kristel and Collin's condo in St. George.  They had a nice big table and then they carried in the patio table.

 Grandma packed table cloths.
 Addi, Reagan, Clare, Rylan

 Grandpa cutting the turkey
 Addi, Aubryn, Ian, Wesley, Breah, Kylie, Eden, James, Clare, and Rylan

 Looking at the nice view

 Eden running
 Silas running
 Watching a show
 Idaho boys cutting the potatoes
 Watching a show
 Kristel and Collin

 Beautiful Aubryn got her braces off this week!

 Moon had these cool rings around it
 Kids and Grandparents at a park

 Brian on the teeter totter
 "I'm stuck."
 St. George temple
 Kristel and I

 Eden is READY to go!

 Before getting her braces off on Tuesday
 They are off!
 Right before we went in
 Eden asleep on me.