Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Monday Monday

All these things happened yesterday, Monday.

James(4) went to play with a friend, Emma.  They are really good friends.  He had been gone about an hour when Emma's mom came zooming up to our house in her minivan and ran to the door.  "I can't find the kids!"  I grabbed my flip flops and ran out to ride down to her home.  She had already searched and searched and searched.  She looked in the shed.  I started at the neighbors house.  My friend said as she looked up from the shed she saw two little faces looking at her from inside the neighbor's  house window.  They were watching us, probably wondering what we were looking for.  The house was empty, except for a few cats.  Maybe the cats let them in.

I put my bra on inside-out.  I didn't even notice until I went to nurse Eden and my breasts were indented.

Reagan played at the park with a friend and his friend got hurt.  I asked how and he said, "You know that toy that goes 'weh woo weh woo' as he swung his hand in an arch.  I knew exactly what he was talking about.

Aubryn really wants to watch the movie Soul Surfer.  She got her courage up and asked the neighbor if she could borrow it.  They gave her their blue ray disk.  She realized that it wouldn't work in our DVD player and she cried and cried.  "Whoever invent blue ray is dumb!  Why would you make a video that can't play in our player?  Why don't we have a blue ray?  Blue rays are so dumb..."

Brad walked into the kitchen and saw me in my clean-the-house clothes and clean-the-house hair.  He said, "You look ... comfortable."
I replied, "I am.  But not comfortable enough to leave the house."

Brad sat in the family room reading the newspaper he brought home from school and said, "Did you know they have a section in here that tells you what is on TV and what channel!??  Why would they do that?  Why wouldn't you just go turn on the TV?"

At dinner James grabbed some cheese for the top of his food and got a big "bob of cheese!"

After school while Reagan(8) and Rylan(6) were waiting for me to pick them up a boy was upset with Rylan and threatened to punch him in the face.  He ran after him with his fist ready.  Reagan ran over and told him to stop.  He said, "Leave him alone!  He's my brotha from anotha motha!"

Sunday, September 28, 2014

My Poor Deprived Children

I made play dough last Sunday and they all made ipads.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Reagan's Baptism

Reagan was baptized Sept 20th.  It was a very spiritual day!  I loved seeing his friend, Matthew, get baptized by his older brother.  Then when Brian was baptizing Reagan and said his name "Reagan Isaac Hawks"  the Spirit touched my heart and I thought, "My whole family is here!"  I knew Isaac was there with us.  I don't say that lightly.  I was so happy.  
That evening there was a large cultural celebration for the re-dedication of the Ogden Temple.  The temple has been closed for 3 years.  It is finally finished and I am so excited!  Brad had the awesome opportunity to be in the choir for the celebration.  I felt the spirit so strong as we watched it and had to hold back tears.  I was so happy that he was involved in it.
Sunday we attended the dedication of the temple!  It was a very great weekend.

James' Birthday

Reagan's Birthday!

Reagan turned 8 right at 4:00pm!

slippers from Aubryn!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Reagan is Getting Baptized on Saturday!