Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Video 2016

Sunday, December 11, 2016

We had a good snowstorm and Eden was telling me over and over that the snow was going to blow up!
Reagan came home from school and made himself several snacks.  Then Reagan was pouring a bowl of cereal at 4:30pm.  When told not to and that dinner was going to be made soon, he said, "But I never ate Breakfast!"
Brad has a big ti 85 calculator for school.  Eden picked it up and brought it to him.  "Here's your phone, Brad." 
Brad asked Eden to throw something in the garbage for him.  After she threw it away she came back and stood in front of him and said, "Now say thanks."
James is a very deep thinker.  When I read him stories he asks the best questions.  He asked about how Humpty Dumpty got on the wall.  Last week he asked me why no one helped the baby bird in "Are You My  Mother?" to find his mother.  All the animals that were asked, none helped.  The book "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs" has a page where it shows the restaurant without a ceiling.  The food falls from the sky.  "How do the workers make any money?"  Good thought!  Nobody is buying the food.
Eden likes to pray lately.  Long prayers.  She blesses everyone over and over.  At home, at school, at church, etc.  One night she was saying the prayer.  She had blessed everyone but Rylan.  He was trying to get her attention by pointing at himself and quietly shouting, "Me! Me!"  She continued to pray and never blessed Rylan, just everyone else several times.  We laughed and laughed!
 "Come see my long poop!!!"  He was SO PROUD!  I've reached a new parenting low.  I took a picture of his poop.
 Temple Square in the rain!
 Church history museum has a great kids area.

 Rylan with the Angel Moroni.
 Rylan speaking at Genreal Conference???

 Reagan lifting stones to the Kirtland Temple.
 Eden and Wesley helping pull the rope.
 Grandin Printing press.
 Reading what the Book of Mormon means to people.
 Keeping track on seven kids in a busy museum is no small thing.
 This portrait of Joseph Smith looks like Jim Halpert!
 I'm waaay more excited about this than he is.  BUT the last few days of him being able to get where he wants, when he wants, are starting to convert him to how awesome independence is.

 Wesley said, "I wanted him to be eyeball man."  I think he succeeded.

 Brad with the tree he made in our yard with his flagpole.
 Brad is part of the Student Response Team at school and they were honored at the last district board meeting.

 Kirtland era Brad vacuuming after the ward Christmas party.
 Matching shirts with Lilly Peterson.
 Primary kids singing.

 Eden likes the little chairs at Granpa David and Grandma Jenny's house.
 Our baby Jesus.

 Christmas time is here!

 Giving Baby Jesus balloons to play with.

 Eating with both hands.
 View from the train.  I rode with Reagan and the 4th grade class to downtown Salt lake City to the Planetarium.  Pretty cool!
 Brought UNO to play.  Had to bring the big card spitter.  I don't think he understood when his teacher said they could bring a card game for the ride.

 LOTS of kids!!!

 The food court was 90% 4th graders.

 Pieces of actual meteorites!

 Looking around the planetarium.

 On Mars.
 Making tornadoes.
 Moons for all the planets.

 holding a black hole.

 Ready to watch a cool 3d movie about Planet Earth.
 Train ride down.  Corbin and Isaiah.
 Corbin brought a few papers to draw on.

 These boys made up so many characters with voices and lives.  Pretty fun to listen to them.
 Reagan and I on the train!

 Our winter coat room.  I was waiting to see if anyone else noticed.  They didn't, in case you wondered.
 This bottom shall remain nameless.
Eden was sick.  I gave her a bath, got her comfy on my bed, and turned on her favorite show. Then She said, "Now make cookies, mom.  Say ok."