Sunday, August 27, 2017

First Week of School!

 Eden actually slept on me and I loved it.  Those times are few.  My kids are growing.

 At a yard sale, James asked, "Can we buy this?"  Yikes!  NO!
 Picking peaches at the church peach orchard.  All seven kids worked hard picking peaches. Well, except Eden.  She got bumped in the head by a basket and cried about it for most the time we were there.  She finally quit fussing and wanting me to hold her when Wesley started itching bad.  So, we left.  As we checked out they said, "Thank you so much for your service."
"We didn't do much." I replied.
"You did more than some."  he said back.  I guess.

 How many licks?  around 1700.  This was an assignment for ap statistics class.  I asked him how much longer his assignment was going to take.  It was really annoying. ha ha.  lick lick lick lick.... tally tally tally tally. ha ha
 Brian reading to Eden early in the morning.
 Cameron, Matthew, Brock, and Reagan got their Arrow of light.  I love these boys!!  I was their wolf leader, then bear leader, then Cubmaster.  I was just released a few weeks ago.  I loved the calling and will miss it.  Now on to Young Women's!
 Reagan walking across the bridge to Jeff Bolingbroke, his new scout leader.

 I am SO PROUD of Aubryn for trying out for the softball team.  It was hard!  7th, 8th, and 9th graders all on the same team.  This has been a big and challenging week for Aubryn as she began Jr. High.
 afternoon nap.
 We went to Wesley's kindergarten assessment.  Fun!  He begins school this week.  He is hesitant, but I think once he gets going he will enjoy it and love the friends.
 Wesley (Kindergarten) and James (1st grade)
 Brad (12th, a SENIOR!  What?!)
 Aubryn (7th grade!!)
 Wesley (k), James (1), Rylan (4), Reagan (5).
 Brian, ready to give back to school father's blessings.  I guess the socks were too much trouble to change. ha ha!
 Reading (making up words) the Ensign.

Back packs loaded and ready!
"I can't step in ants.  These are new shoes." Wesley.
"I have something in my bum. Panties!" Eden.
One day when we were getting into the van and Brad was buckling Eden.  James, out of no where, says he wants me to have another baby.  I tell him that I am done having babies.  He says, "Well... you can try."
"Ok, I'll try." I said laughing and Brad rolled his eyes.
We fed the elders this week and they were the most interesting set of elders ever.  EVER!  A few highlights.  Sneaking.  We found out one likes to sneak.  A LOT.  He's good at it. He brags about it.  Actually, maybe he isn't that good at it, but he thinks he is. Their pranks were wayyyyyyy beyond ok, but they just thought the other elders couldn't take a joke.  It was totally excessive.  And they don't mind telling the other that they are not each other's favorite.  That is the edited version.  We ended the night with me yelling to get out of the van.  I didn't want them giving my kids any more horrible ideas.


We could NOT decide what to do about going to see the eclipse in Idaho.  We had a place to stay (my sister), but school was starting the next day and we had been warned that we might not be able to get out for a few days.  I wasn't that concerned about school instead a life changing, once in a life time event, but it was Aubryn's first day of Jr. High.  We decided last minute to go for it and I am SO GLAD WE DID!!!!  You cannot put into words how amazing it was.  I get emotional thinking about it.  SOOOO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I mean, you know it is going to happen and as the sun is slowly disappearing you feel the air changing, the color and the temperature.  It feels strange.  The shadows are strange.  Then, when totality happens it really takes your breath away! It was far more glorious than I expected.  We heard the whole area shouting and screaming in amazement. Nothing can capture the experience. I kind of feel like God gave us this treat that no one else could replicate or totally capture.  My only wish was that I had taken Eden potty before we walked across the street to the park.  I also wish that minute and 41 seconds would have lasted longer.  It was SOLAR COOL!!!!!!!!!