Wednesday, July 13, 2016

James played T ball for the first time this year.  He did great!  He wanted to hear that he was the best player.  I'd say he did really well!  He'd say, "But, I was the best one, right?"
In one game James was on second base ready to run to third.  As he approached third base the other team threw the ball to the third base man.  He missed it.  James was rounding third base when he swooped down and grabbed the ball, tossed  it to the third base man, and continued on to home base.
I told him after the game that he was the kindest baseball player I have ever seen!
Eden woke up and I went into her room to get her out of her crib.  I sang, "Good morning to you.  How do you do?" She replied with a monotone, unimpressed, "Not funny."
Eden LOVES puzzles!
Eden calls mosquitos, cheetos.
Eden said to me as she ran off at the park, "See you later, much."
Brian was snoring one night so I touched his shoulder and said, "Brian, you're snoring."  He replied, "Sorry, mate.  I'll change the channel."
Reagan and Rylan poured themselves each a big cup of root beer early one morning.  I got after them when I saw.  Then James added, "Looks like they're going to be drunk."
Eden LOVES Brad's friend, Chase.  One evening when he came over she wouldn't stop telling him to jump on the tramp, jump on the tramp, jump on the tramp, then play puzzles, puzzles, puzzles, then come here, then come there.  Chase finally told her he was going to go inside.  She watched him walk inside the back door.  She was a bit surprised that he had the nerve.  Then she turned to Brian and I and said, "Find Chase!"  She wouldn't accept that he went away.  I finally said, "Eden, Chase had to go potty." I hoped it would get her to drop it.  She pondered what I told her then said, "Chase poopy.  Chase poopy...."

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Phone Photos July2016

 Brad moving pipe at the pumpkin patch late at night.

 Bat Eden!  My sweet little girl!

 Brad was made a Priest Sunday July 10, 2016.

 Here is Brad with Brian
 Reagan and Mom

 Eden in the corn.  This picture was taken right before Wesley and James came in to give her a hug and knocked her over into the corn stalks, breaking them.  Sad.
 Brad's Birthday!  He is 16 years old!!
 Here is the new and improved Kubota shirt.

 Sunflower in the garden
 Eden peeking at the people on the other side of the seat.  She was eating ice cream.

 Brad's favorite thing about his birthday, the kubota on his cake.

 His very own loaf of bread.
 Grandma Jenny gave Brad a  photo of himself when he was younger.  The resemblance to James is crazy!
 Talking to Grandma on the phone.
 At the pumpkin patch on his birthday.

 Wesley and Eden were having a cute conversation,
 Our neighbor's fireworks sounded like a war zone.  They were HUGE!

 First place in his age group race.
 We went to Honeyville for the fourth of July festivities.  It was fun!!  Kids won running races and pie eating contests.

 Catching fish with bare hands!

 getting herself dressed.

 Wearing hats that Grandma Jenny wore when she was little.