Sunday, June 11, 2017

 Aubryn's first season playing softball has come to an end.  She did great!!  She even got to pitch!
 Here she is with most of the team.

Here she is pitching
Next up to bat!

 School lunch!
 Eden's BLUE eyes watching the sun set.
 Playing at the park after Reagan and Rylan's last game of their season!  They also did great!

 First time being catcher
 With their coaches
 Kade and Rylan

 At a reunion in St George.  We woke up to Eden in our bed like this.

 Fist morning there we woke up to Eden like this.

 Isaac's 15th birthday!!!

 Eating donuts!  They were free in Walmart for National donut day!.
 Came home from the gym to this.
 Watching a movie in the tent.

 Nightly brushing of teeth.

 The boys are having a yard sale.
 T ball
 bones from the pumpkin patch.  ew  He brought them home and set them in the kitchen.  They were crawling with bugs.  yuck!!
 playing while Reagan and Rylan play baseball.

 James cut his hair.  sad

First time pitching!  AWESOME!!

 Reagan with his awesome 4th grade teacher.

 Brian in his NEW car!
 While dad was buying his car...

 cool bangs

While visiting at a friend's house with her dogs barking, my friend said, "She is saying, 'hi!'"  
Eden replied, "No.  She's saying woof."
My phone auto corrects my texts a lot.  One time I sent a text about reagan going to scout camp and it auto corrected as "fatty camp."
Also, I was looking for help and it sent to my friend that I was looking for hemp.
James was convincing Wesley to play t ball and said, "Playing the games is the funnest because when you're done you get a treat."
After their first practice Wesley told me, "I did nice hits."
After the second game their were no treats.  Wesley was devastated.
Middle of the day and I hear Eden yell in the family room, "THIS IS MY LAST CHANCE!"
After some car shopping we were walking through a parking lot and Eden asked me, "Are we choosing that car?"
Brian walked up the street to get the mail.  He came home and couldn't find the keys.  He asked me to go back to the mailbox and see if he left them at the mailbox.  I started running up the road and Wesley yelled, "Mom!  Where you going!?"
"I'm running away!"  I yelled back.
Brian was busy walking around the house doing stuff and Wesley was standing by him watching him.  Brian paused and asked him, "Wesley, what do you want?"
"Foy (for) what?" he asked.
Brian said, "For Christmas." jokingly.
"RC car, money, my own computer, phone.....  Dad, dad, dad..." He went on and on as he followed Brian around.