Sunday, July 30, 2017

Going through the Motions

What is my motivation for striving to live the Gospel?  Why am I diligent?  Why do I go to church?  Why do I read the scriptures?  Why is this important to me?

Is it to say I’m righteous or look righteous to onlookers?  Is it because my mom taught me to?  Is it because it’s all I know?  Do I feel I need to earn the Saviour’s love or my way to heaven by checking off the list? NO!

We should be obedient to God because we LOVE HIM!  We can draw closer to him, know him better, and maybe start to become like him.  We should strive to follow the commandments so we can become what God needs us to to be and be ready to serve in any capacity he needs when the times arise. We never know when or what will be asked.  We need to be ready and willing!  We need to follow the gospel so that we can continue to grow in faith.  

When it’s time to give a talk, I’ll do it!
When it’s time to be a good friend, I can do it!
When it’s time to comfort someone who it sad, I’m there!
When it’s time to work, I am able!
When it’s time to trust in the Saviour, I will have faith!
When it’s time to go to the temple, I’ll be ready!
When it’s time to go on a mission, I’ll be willing!
When it’s time to be a parent, I can do my best!
When it’s time to serve in a challenging calling, I will serve!
When it’s time to have a trial, I can survive!
When it’s time to show compassion, I will!
When it’s time to report to my God, I will stand and know I did my best!

...instead of going through the motions.

 Found this old beauty!
 He fell asleep waiting for me to get Eden to bed.  She fought hard.
 Found this outfit I sewed in the back of her closet.  I sewed it before she was born.  She didn't want to wear it.

 Walking to the park.  She likes to carry bags with stuff in them wherever she goes.
Wesley went for his kindergarten well check on Wed.  The Dr asked him, "If the sun is up in the day then the moon comes out...?"
He paused for a long time then quietly said, "At ten o'clock."
Funny words that my kids use:  Mow lawner, instead of lawn mower.  Stair step instead of stairs.  Paper money instead of dollars.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Kids say...

"Dad is it bad if you lift up only your middle toe?" Rylan (8) asked Brian.  I think Brian just laughed and never answered.
Collin told us how he saw a buck when he was riding his razor around Bear Lake.  James (6) asked, "You saw a dollar?"
Brian was talking during Family Home Evening about avoiding bad language.  One of the kids said, "Like Spanish?  Is Spanish a bad language?"
I picked Reagan (10) up from a swim party in his friend's back yard.  He got out of the pool and said, "I'm just going to jump on the tramp and I'll dry off really fast."  I was not really wanting to stand there and wait so I told him to just use his towel and lets go. "Those don't work." he said.
I laughed, "Yes, they do!  I've tried it before."
We were getting ready to read scriptures one night in the little boy's room.  Eden (3) was jumping on Rylan's bed and no one was listening.  Brian said, "OK, Let's see who's the quietest!"  It was an attempt to get them to be quiet while we read.  Eden without skipping a jump laughed and blurted out, "I'n (I'm) not!!"  and we all busted out laughing so she kept jumping and yelling. "I'n not! I'n not! I'n not!... ha ha ha! I'n not! I'n not!!  ha ha ha!!"
Today I asked Eden about nursery.  I asked about her treats and what she played with etc.  Then she asked me, "Mom, do you want to go to nursery when you are a little girl?"

Leaky Faucet

We have a leaky faucet.  When I first noticed it, it was so tiny, I shrugged it off.  I felt it was no big deal.  It became a little worse and I thought i should probably tell Brian, but forgot and was a little worried he would be upset about the problem.  Finally, I remembered to tell Brian.  We tried to remember to avoid the faucet if possible or to pull the hose out of the faucet so it would not continue to leak down under the sink.

Anyway, being a little lazy and forgetful, maybe even hoping the problem would go away we didn’t fix it.

Here we are now and it is a big problem.  It got to be a big mess under the sink, even leaking into brad’s room under the kitchen.  Now we have to replace the faucet and possibly tear out some boards under the sink.  

Why didn’t we deal with the problem when it was small, and relatively easy?!

I started pondering this in relation to repentance.  Sometimes, it seems so small and not that big of a deal, so we ignore the problem. Then we leave things uncorrected and they develop into a bigger mess eventually.  There is no ignoring the leak now!  It has affected others, Brad in his room and really anyone that needs to wash a dish (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!).

Sometimes we choose to live with a mess, sometimes we can fix it ourselves, and, as is our case, we now need to call a plumber to help resolve the problem.  We can’t do it by ourselves.

Hopefully, next time a problem arises, I will not let it get out of hand.  Temporally and Spiritually.


The faucet is now fixed! It was a bit more involved than I thought it would be! It took a longer and there was some extra work we did not anticipate. It was tedious and hard. (missing parts, old faucet too stubborn to leave) Now it is better than ever! You'd never know it was broken before. AND I am grateful for it so much more than before. I LOVE IT! I loved running water before, but now I am especially grateful for my faucet that is fully functioning and fulfilling it's full potential!

Are You Listening?

We were recently reading in Alma out of the Book of Mormon.  Ammon was a missionary and became a servant to King Lamoni.  Ammon, after serving the king diligently, had the opportunity to teach the king the gospel.  The king believes and falls to the earth unconscious.  A few days later the queen, her household, and Ammon have also fallen.  There is one girl, Abish, who already believed, and is awake.  She “made known unto the people” what was happening and they gathered to see.  Instead of the people rejoicing and knowing it was the power of God, many murmured and were contentious.  Abish became “exceedingly sorrowful, even unto tears.”  She took the queen by her hand and the queen arose.  She loudly praised God and then took the king by the hand, raising him.  He stood up and “immediately, seeing the contention among the people, went forth and began to rebuke them, and to teach them the words which he had heard from Ammon;and as many as heard his words believed.

But there were many who were among them who would not hear his words; therefore they went their way.” (Alma 19:30-31)

A few chapters later we learn about Aaron’s experience teaching.  Verse 10, “And it came to pass as he began to expound these things unto them they were angry with him, and began to mock him; and they would not hear the words which he spake.”

Am I hearing?  Am I listening?  

It takes effort to really hear. I can certainly attest to that as a mother!  I say a lot of words, but it is crazy how much is not heard.  They can be looking right at me and completely tune me out!  It is interesting that with Aaron it said that the people were angry with him.  I gather from that, they knew what he was saying, yet the scripture tells us they “would not hear the words which he spake.”  When king Lamoni was teaching it said all that heard, believed.  ALL! I wonder how many of us in this world are not really hearing.  Is it selective hearing?  Do we only remember what we want to hear?  Are we plugging our ears?  Are we distracted?  Are we not giving the gospel all the attention it needs to get into our hearts?  Is it really that simple?  We tune in to what is there, let it in, and we will know? What does it take to really listen?  What does it take to hear the words of God?  

I have been pondering this for me.  I imagine it might be different for us all.  Reflecting on my past, when I have felt it really sink into my soul, might help me to know how I listen best.

I want to hear.

 Brad's beautiful garden!
 Out to lunch with my awesome friends, Crystal and Twyla!  They are awesome!
 Magic tracks at a whole new level.

 Cute thank you card from my dad.
 Aurbyn's new bed and she LOVES it!!  Built it ourselves and used our brains and muscles in the process.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

 Eden LOVES riding in boats and stuff.

 Breah and I sewed her some shorts.

 Shrinky dinks!

 sliding down the stairs
We had a family home evening about protecting ourselves from evil.  We made a shield.
1. pray everyday
2. scriptures everyday
3. commit to it
4. courage.  You have got to have guts sometimes!
5. avoid idleness
6. lean on the Lord
7. plan and prepare ahead of time.
8. make the effort