Sunday, September 30, 2018

 Playing cards
 She took my phone in the chapel for James's baptism.
 Right before leaving for James's baptism!  Yay!

 Two handsome boys!
 Opening his gift from Grandma and Grandpa, fully protected.
 Filming the last scene of their video. 

 scripture time

 John Bytheway!  We love listening to him!
 Eden asked me where Brad's candy was while I was preparing his room for my parents to sleep in.  I didn't know where it was and then she wanted to see Brad.  "When can we see him?"  I told her not for a really long time.  Then she went and got this poster that he gave her and said, "We can see him right now!"
 Sewing in Beehives

 Working on the video
 Reagan and Cordon
 Watching BMX bikers

 Watching a girl sing
 Wesley likes to do the splits
 Shopping for a bike in walmart
 Eden wants me to make those jammies for her doll
 Buried in food

 At the library!


Sunday, September 23, 2018

 Brian's Sunday nap
 Wesley's letter to Brad.
 Wesley wrote this during Sacrament Meeting.  "Mom, do you love me?"
I loved it.
 James got himself dressed for church and he swore he wore these pants last week!  ha ha! He is growing so much!
 Eden loved the pancake guy at Denny's.
 And the bacon guy. While eating at Denny's one of the kids asked, "Do we get to keep our silverware?"
 At the Harvest Moon Festival downtown.
 Watching the concert.

 Mouth from candy.  I found out that the boys stopped at the Straw Market and Reagan bought junk food for everyone!  I think they are trying to figure out a way to get me to not make them walk home.

 A concert that Brian and I went to with Heather and Brian.

 Beautiful sky!
 Heart rocks I found on the hike.


 Mikelle climbed down to get her phone that she dropped.
 Cayli wondering if this is the waterfall.

 Cayli, Mikelle, Huong, Me, Camille, Heather, Tanya

 James and Wesley both lost teeth on the same night.
 I spoke in Aubryn's class at school about being an interior designer.
 James special time with Mom and Dad in preparation for his baptism.




 James likes chess club at the library.  The others read and do their homework
 Eden loves the park!  She was playing with some little toys the other day and made the little boy toy say to the little girl toy, "Whatcha thinkn'?  Wanna get married?"  Then the little girl toy wacked him away. ha ha!
 James baptism photos.