Sunday, September 16, 2018

 James, Eden, Wesley, and Rylan
 Rylan is husking corn planted by Brad
 James is picking corn

 Rylan, Wesley, James, Eden
 The harvest!
 Kayaking in Causey.  It was an adventure for sure!  We went back in to see the salmon run.  So many bright red fish working so hard to get up stream, lay their eggs, and die.  It was fascinating, weird, and disturbing.  I got stuck in the mud when I was carrying Eden from the canoe to the shore.  I was knee deep and tipping.  A bare chested man came and lifted Eden from me and then I was able to get out.  He was also there when we reloaded to help again.  He saved us! Then he was gone.
Camille, Me, Eden
There is an eagle in this photo.  You might need to zoom a little, but it was pretty easy to spot.

Eating the yummy corn.
Aubryn's cute hamster, Josh Dunn, taking a nap.
James is 8! Woo Hoo!

Someone sent me this photo of Brad! It's good to see that is looks clean, well, and alive. ha ha!  He is with Austin Barthalmew (sp?) from high school.
At the Weber State Football game

Meagan likes to rub Wesley's head and Wesley never complained.

Reagan with the Deacons.  Today was his first time passing the sacrament.  He did get the giggles for a minute, but besides that he did great!