Sunday, February 22, 2015

Eden is walking with her baby walker

 The kids LOVED watching her cruise around.  She was doing this while she was still 8 months old.  I can't believe how fast she has picked up on things.  She calls for me too.  "ma ma"  and this morning when she woke up I had her laying by me and I knew she wanted to get out of the bed so she hollered, "Da! Da!"  Sure enough he ran in and grabbed her out of bed.  She was so happy.  She is so bright and happy!  I love her!

Giant Aviation Maps

 I bought a big stack of old aviation maps several years ago at a garage sale for  $.50!  I have heald onto them thinking I would do something cool with them.  When I pulled them out with some other maps to use for Reagan's Valentine Box, Brad started looking at them closer.  His wheels started turning and he took them outside.  He pieced them together and they made a HUGE north america!

Valentine's Day

 The Valentines that the kids gave out.
 Reagan's Valentine Box
 Aubryn made her box all by herself!
 Rylan's box

 Waiting for the big kids to come home from school!  They helped me to make a Valentine surprise!
 Brian's valentine cookie.
 Each kid had a cookie.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, his favorite!

 James made a book.  He could not find tape, so he improvised.
 Best. Dad. EVER.
 Eden likes sitting in the chair connected to the counter.  She is up where we are and can see what is going on.  She likes feeding herself.  She does not like me to feed her.  I have also noticed that crackers seem to bother her.  I bought some that do not have wheat in them and she tolerated them fine.  So, either she can't take gluten or wheat.

 Brad gets up before anyone for school.  He leaves for the bus at 7:10am.  In his weekly interview a couple weeks ago Brian asked him to work on remembering to bless his breakfast.  This is what I found the next day.

 Static hair.  It has been unusually warm.

 Fancy hair for church.
 James wrote his name by himself for the first time!  I just realized while typing this that I wrote his "J" backwards!  ha.  I was writing upside down.  He copied mine perfectly!  He really likes getting paper and filling it with letters.  I think he is ready to understand that when they are organized in the right way, then they make words.
 Wesley did not want to feel left out.
 Eden is walking along furniture and with her baby walker.

Someone is jealous.  Someone who never took a binkie as a baby.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

James told me after Church, "I love you, Mom."
"Ahh, I love you too, James.  Do you know I have loved you for your whole life?"  I asked.
"Oh.  I have loved you for the whole entire day!"  he responded.
"Oh, wow. " I said.
Then he added, "And it's been the longest day ever!"

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Eden at 8 months

Eden is very active.  It is a lot more of a challenge to take her photo!