Sunday, October 11, 2015


I was the Wolf Scout leader for about a year until September.  Reagan was one of my wolves.  The week he moved up to Bears, they put me in as Bear leader.  So, I get to help the same group of boys get their Bear.  We have been having some fun!

I teach my boys to catch fish with their BEAR hands!!

 On our hike.
 Dear prints.

 Watching a family of dear.  There was a mother, father, and two babies.
 Observing from a distance.

 Celebrating Reagan's 9th birthday at fat cats.

 Watching people fly at ifly.

 Grandma and Grandpa were seriously amazed!  They had never seen this.

 We re-lit the candles so Wesley could blow them out.  (He LOVES to blow out candles)  He got to close and burned his lip.
 Where did Wesley's legs go?!

 Golden Spike on Labor Day.  We watched them rein-act the final spike being placed.  Pretty fun!

Today Wesley said to Eden when he wanted something back that she took from him, "Giant Baby, give it back!"
James told me the other day that I needed to have another baby.  He told me to go to the store and get some baby food and eat it.
As I read sight words with Wesley the other day he would repeat the word and then use it in a little phrase.  It was so cute.  For instance I would read the word, "my" and he would repeat it and then say, "like, Oh my! What a mess!"
The next word was "it".  He said, "it.  Like, id-eee IT!"
As we read scriptures tonight, we were reading in Alma 52 when the Nephites were trying to take back their city, Mulek.  The Nephites lured them out and led them away.  They took the city and then surrounded them.  Captain Moroni told them to surrender their weapons or die.  I paused and asked Reagan if he would surrender his weapons or keep fighting.  He said, "Not my pocket knife!"  Reagan doesn't have a pocket knife, but he REALLY wants one.

 Eden put her spoon here when she was finished.
 Wesley was so proud of his "W".
 Boys going to Priesthood session wearing their pencil ties. The ties where designed by Aubryn in a contest that she won first place in at Ringmasters!

 Brad receiving his Gold Palm.  That is two palms past his eagle.
 At the movie premier of Just Let Go.  The stars of the movie sat two rows behind us.
 Discussion panel about forgiveness after the movie.
 Lincoln Brewster
 Ryan Innes
 Aubryn and Brad
 Wesley drew Dad.  Those are his legs at the bottom.
 James had to draw a picture of Dad too.  He drew him and Dad together.
 It was right about now that I noticed Wesley squirming.  By the time We got to the bathroom, it was too late. :(  Eden sat in this nifty chair on the wall while I helped the boys out of the cart and to the toilet.

 Sample of some common core math.  Not a fan.

 Tried to get a photo of Eden in her outfit that I made.  Leggings, shirt, and headband.


 Abc puzzle!

 I like to bury my kids with food.  (Also made Eden's shirt and headband)
 James is 5!!!

From Emma!