Monday, May 6, 2019

 Elder Rydalch is home from his mission in Vietnam!
 their house rules
 Wesley watching video games

 Car full!
 Aubryn's talent on Etch a sketch
 Sending photos to brad to find out what's growing
 Sent Brad a photo of the grass
 His bush is growing
 double rainbow
 Wesley reading to Eden
 I sewed the shirt and skirt
 She loves to twirl

 fell asleep
 Senior photos. Colette

 Aubryn ready for her first school dance

 pretty magnolia tree
 I sewed the skirt

 I sewed the shirt and shorts

 playing headbands

 Shirt I made for concert
 Front of concert

 Alec Benjamin
 Alexander 23, opener
 Senior photos, Rachel

 tulips at the temple

 Megan, always asking about Brad
 His birthday ball. Sadly broke the next day
 he was so happy about it
 holding hands at lagoon
 At the park, Eden made a pregnant pinecone
here she is pretending it is giving birth