Sunday, September 30, 2012

Show Off

About a week ago Rylan and James had well child checks at the doctor's.  During Rylan's exam the doctor handed him her pen and asked him to draw a few things on the paper that lays on the exam bed/table.  He drew a circle and a triangle.  Then she asked him to draw a person.  He paused then took the pen to the paper and drew a little line about a quarter of an inch long.  He went back and forth and back and forth in the same spot.  He continued to do that until he drew through the paper and was now drawing the same little line on the plastic cusion.  We anticipated he might start adding body parts.  I asked what part of the body he was drawing.  He did not answer. Then he decided to stop.  That was the person, a thick short line.  I thought it was a bit random, but didn't think much more about it until about a week after the exam when he was drawing at the counter and showed me this.


Reagan has more volume than a megaphone.  This week I was grateful.  James was in danger and Reagan stayed with him and screamed for help.  I was upstairs headed to get Wesley from his bed when I heard a horrible scream.  I went back downstairs and walked around looking for the source of the scream.  I heard it again.  I looked out the window and saw James dangling from the monkey bars.  Reagan was under him trying to help him, but barely touching his feet. Reagan was screaming, "HELP!" loudly.  I ran. I ran through the door, down the steps, across the yard and was just feet away from him when he fell.  Reagan was crying just as hard as James. He was so scared.  He later told Aubryn he thought James was going to die.  I was proud of Reagan for staying with him, trying his best to help, and calling for help.
Poor James had a rough 3 days.  The day before that his leg got stuck in the window well grate.  It was really stuck and left bad marks on the sides of his knee.  I wonder if it would have been safer for him to actually fall into the window well.  And yesterday he was stung by a hornet. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Soccer Dad

Brian has had the opportunity to coach Aubryn's soccor team.  After her initial worries that her dad would embarrass, she has loved it.  Brian has worked really hard to make this a positive experience for the girls.  Saturday they won their first game.  The girls were thrilled, and so was Brian.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

James 2nd Birthday!

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Reagan's Special Day at School

Reagan got to tell his calss some of his favorite things and about his family.  Then he went outside to show his class how well he can ride his bike.  He rode with only one hand on the handle bars and even stood up!  The kids had lots of questions for him.

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Story with Dad

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