Saturday, March 18, 2017

Prom 2017

 Out on a hike while the Brad is at Prom!

 Trying to get rocks in the hole on top.
 Brad ready for prom and leaving to pick up his date.

 Day date scavenger hunt

 Early morning hike with some freinds.


 Getting ready for braces!
 Fun in the sun!!!
 "Ok,  I can easily do this."  Wesley said to himself as he carried his load.

 "I feel like Satan is tempting me right now."
"With what?"  I asked James.
"To not do this." James said pointing to his homework.


 Weber State game

 Finishing up a great year of basketball!!

 James' tee pee
 James cleaned out his back pack.
 Holding Pyper with Aunt Julianne
 How Brad asked the girl to prom.

 As that man to the right in the photo was walking by us Wesley pointed right towards him and said loud enough for him to hear, "Look at that guy!"  He smiled and waved.  Then he walked away.  Wesley then added,"He is slipping! ha ha"  He was pointing at the caution sign.

 Reading about King Benjamin.

 Rylan doing his power point presentation for us.
 Brian on his 18 year anniversary as an agent!
 Brian's name was on Jimmy's Floral sign and he got a free rose!

Getting a massage after her workout.