Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Project night!

I have decided that Thursday night is my project night. I will go far away to my project room and shut the door. Then I will work on whatever I want. Maybe make some cards. Maybe scrapbook. Maybe make hair pretties for Aubryn. Maybe paint! Hmmm. What will I do first?

Oh, and you're invited. If I know you. And you know where I live.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kinda Gross

I have been in the market for bedspread. The one I have is pretty dingy and stained. So yesterday I found one at Ross and it was marked on clearance. I was so excited to rip the old one off my bed. I opened the "new" one and shook it out on my bed. A dirty sock came flying out. Then as I looked at the blanket, I realized that it was used. It was not in good shape. Oh, yucky. I took it off my bed and washed my sheets. They were nice enough to let me return it.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I am blessed

Last week I stopped at the dollar store near Brian's office. I had Aubryn and Reagan with me. We walked out of the store, not finding what we went in after. There was a man sitting on the sidewalk near the store eating some fast food. He was very dirty and his hair was long and matted. I didn't think much of him as we walked past. Reagan said, "Hi!" and waved. He looked up and said hi back. Then Aubryn said hi and I smiled at him.
We continued to walk towards Brian's office when we noticed a bunch of kids playing some kind of hockey game inside a gym. My kids watched through the glass with their noses making smudge marks. The man who we had seen eating moments before walked past us. Reagan and Aubryn happily said hi to him again. As their attention returned to the kids on the other side of the glass I watched this man stop at a nearby garbage can. It had a small opening on the top. He paused and looked in it. Then he reached in and grabbed a fast food resturant bag, pulled it out, and sifted through it looking for something to eat. It took me a moment to realize what he was doing. The thought that he was looking for food took a while to sink into my naive mind. I watched him continue on and stop at every garbage can. My heart was sad and yet overwhelmed with gratitude for my many blessings. Not only was he starving, he was alone. I was holding the hands of two of my children. We had a home to go home to, with food in the cupboard. I had a loving husband not far from me working in his office. I have much to be thankful for.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bad Mom Moment #3,498,219

After lunch I handed Aubryn and Reagan a Little Debbie Oatmeal Pie (YUM). Aubryn asked me, "Are these going to make us healthy?"
Oh come on!! Who taught you that word?! (probably me)
I need to get back to feeding my kids (and Bri and I) better!

Bad Mom Moment # 3,498,218

Last evening I sat down on my bed to nurse Rylan. My other 3 children were in the basement. I was feeling really great because the feeding went well. (Rylan tends to swallow lots of air and click as he eats. We are working on it. Patience!!) So after burping him I walked downstairs. Empty. Looked in the backyard. Empty. Looked in the front. Didn't see anyone. Rechecked the house and backyard, yelling the names of my missing children. Still could not find them. I'm getting nervous. I assume they walked down to a neighbor's house that Brad plays at often. I hurry there. Brad comes along on his bike.
I say,"Where are Reagan and Aubryn?!"
"I just let them come out while we rode bikes and all at once Reagan was at the bottom of the street." He replied.
Sure enough, I look to the bottom of the street and there they are, barefoot. It is about 10 houses away. I can't imagine how fast Reagan rode his trike down the hill. My gut was sick.
I told Brad how dangerous it was that they were that far from home and I didn't know. I told him that even if just he wanted to leave and go ride his bike, he still needs to tell me. But a 2 and 3 year old can't be running around in the road. They can't be out front without mom or dad. He didn't really seem to care. So I got really mean and dished him up a bowl of yummy and nutritious dinner and told him to eat it! (Brad is SO PICKY! I knew he would not like the food. He likes mac and cheese, that's it.) Well, that was pretty tourturous. (more for mom and dad who got to hear him whine)
So I'm hoping today is a better day, with good feedings AND keeping the kids away from dangerous cars.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Can't think of a catchy title

Rylan Asleep
Not sure what he is doing.
Aubryn and Reagan being silly while eating a very nutritious lunch.

I must be a comfortable place to be
under attack!
Look how unaware they are of the torture they put him through.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cute Cheeks! Cute Cheeks?

How come chubby cheeks are cute on my newborn baby?
But they are disturbing swollen glans on this old guy? I'm not sure what to make of this. And the baldness with little white, thin, fuzzy hair. I don't like that my baby physically resembles him. At all. Seriouslly, so creepy.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Reagan's birthday (and some random photos)

Aubryn had a hard time all day. She tried to open his gifts early in the morning and cried when he blew out his candles. She wanted all the gifts to be hers. oh well. Reagan was happy all day. He loved his presents.

Rylan's blessing

Rylan was blessed Saturday, Sept 6th, 2008 at our home. I enjoyed doing it at home. Lots of family came and shared in the special occasion. It was a tender, spiritual time.
Grandma Jenny (Brian's Mom) holding Rylan in his blessing outfit. Brian and his two brothers were also blessed in this outfit. As were Brad, Isaac, and Reagan!
Friends, Twyla and Mike

Monday, September 8, 2008

When Aubryn grows up...

She will lick her babies (Yes you read that right!),
She will eat marshmallows for breakfast,
She won't listen to her bishop,
She won't sleep,
She will go to Disneyland,
She will pee in her panties, and
She will poop in her panties.

You get the idea. This is her come-back to me lately when I tell her no. It's a pretty good one. I sure get upset thinking about her licking her babies after eating marshmallows for breakfast! I kind of think she'll be really popular. Especially when she poops in her panties "all day long!"

Reagan Is 2!!!

Happy Birthday to my blond haired, blue eyed, ball loving, beep beep playing, big smiler, funny laughing, loud talking, nursery hating, fast running, super cute, funny REAGAN!! I love you! Have a wonderful day!