Sunday, August 28, 2016

Birth Photos

Latest birth I attended.  Here are the PHOTOS  The mom was so strong and endured for a long time!

Sunday Morning

Phone Photos Aug

 Brad driving!
 Wesley with a fire dancer from our orthodontist's luau.
 Spending some time out in nature at Wadman Park.  Boys needed to get out, get dirty, and have fun.

 Brad caught a squirrel.  It was eating his garden.  Here he is releasing it.
 When I looked out the window I couldn't see Eden, so I opened the door.  I saw her in the water and said, "Eden!  What are you doing?!"  She looked at me, put her hand up, and said in a most serious tone, "Go away."

 Brad moving pipe at the pumpkin patch.  SO MANY MOSQUITOS!!!!!

 First day of school!  Rylan 3rd, Reagan 4th, Aubryn 6th!

 Brad is a Junior.  11th grade.
 Grandpa David is 70 years old!  Here we are at his party.

 Eden wanted to ride the skateboard to Kristel's.
 Brad's friend, Chase, came over.  I wonder if they are spending too much time together.
 Watching Daniel Tiger while I get ready.
 Reagan.  "Take a picture of me, Mom!"
 Rylan's 8th birthday!
 He didn't get the chocolate ice cream cone.

 Swimming lessons.

 I got rid of my high chair that I bought when I had Isaac.  I needed a chair that supported his feet and his head.  We used this sooo much and it was hard to say goodbye.

 My awesome birthday "cake".

 Shady Lane Summer Olympics!

 Pie eating contest

 Wesley after being saved.
 Watching Joseph!

 more swimming lessons