Sunday, October 30, 2016

James learned to ride his bike!

Phone Photos

 On our way to a Halloween Party.  When we were driving home later that night Eden said to me, "Mom, when we get home change my diaper, k?"
 Cheering section for Aubryn was LOUD!  ha ha!
 She tipped off.  This was her first game!  All new girls and a new coach.

 At the High School trunk or treat.

 I don't think Reagan has figured out how a wallet works.
 Having a lot of fun with herself in the mirror.  Good friends.

Laughing to myself during sacrament meeting today.  Reagan asked me when he could start shaving his legs.  I told him boys don't shave their legs.   "Really?  Guys don't shave their legs?!  But the hair on my legs is like this long! {makes an inch with his fingers}"
A bit later he told me he had to go to bathroom soooo baaad!  So I told him he could leave and use the bathroom.  He was back in a bout  30 seconds.  I asked if he had gone to the bathroom. "Yeah.  I just had to fix my hair." grrr.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fall Photos

 I tried and tried to get her to look and smile at the camera.  She didn't.  But I did capture lots of her personality.
 I can hear her talking to me in this photo.

 Wesley was so proud to show me his house he drew.
 Ready for church one Sunday

 Some pumkins!

 FALL!!  so pretty!

 Wesley didn't want his picture taken.

 A very large grasshopper that we all watched.  The little one attacked the big one!

We could see it's mouth munching on the leaf!  Open, shut, open, shut!
 Eden watching the grasshopper.  Much funner to watch her than the grasshopper.

 All gone!  We couldn't find him anymore.
 Playing catch