Sunday, August 19, 2018

More summer fun!

 James and Ian
 After church James, Eden, and Wesley
 Aubryn, Kylie, Breah, and Reagan

 Rydalch family reunion in St. Anthony Idaho

 Driving through Swan Valley and had to stop and get square ice cream cones. 

 In Jackson Hole with the two littlest while the others ride the snake river on rafts.

 Bear Lake

 I guess Brian was a little top heavy
 "Moooom!" Brad says to me when I pull out my camera and think, "Look! Brad is doing something fun!  I better take a picture."
 Eden holding the stash of goodies from the parade.
 Wesley lost his first tooth!  This was the best picture I could get to document the occasion.
 Some of the harvest coming in from Brad's garden.
 Celebrating Rylan's birthday.  He's 10!

 Buying Brad's suits out of someone's garage. 
3 suits (one for Brian)
1 white shirt for Brian
8 ties
1 wooden bow tie for Reagan
total: $398.00

 Reagan getting his MRI to check the cyst in his brain.  We have known about this since he was one.   It looks fine.

 FHE at the Solomon Center. Here we are watching people surf indoors.

 Rock climbing was so fun!! 

 Aubryn and Colette working hard at the gym

 Sunday nap

 Loves picking things from the garden and telling me all about them.
 $15 guitar from yard sale works great!
 Going swimming!

 This ash was falling all over town this.  There was a fire to the north west of town.
 "My barbie is buckled!"
 We are cool in our 12 passenger van.
 can you guess who?  Tyler Joseph
I made this for Michelle Scharf's husband.  Sad he died recently.