Sunday, February 26, 2012


But if you are smart, don't watch it right before you are headed out the door.  I went to church this morning with red eyes.  When the parents talk about waving things in front of her eyes as an infant, it hit close to home and reminded me of waving toys and flashlights in front of Isaac's eyes.  It is devastating news to hear your child is blind.  This girl is amazing.  I started crying when she read her poem at the end of the show.  And the school play!  wow.  NO REGRETS!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Please bless the food...

"...and please bless our toots.  (giggle giggle)" -Reagan
"...and please bless when the baby comes out of Mom's tummy that it won't hurt." -Reagan
 I'll take that last one!!  Both of these were mentioned while Reagan was blessing the food for lunch on different days.

Photoshop Fun

Reagan almost cried when he saw this.  "That's not funny!"
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Some Photoshop Fun

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Moments

Friday we decided to take the kids to a hotel in town.  They could swim and watch cable!  If anyone cried in the night we could just run home, no big deal.  After we got all checked in, the kids got their swim suits on.  As we walked out of our room, a couple was going into the room next door to us.  they looked at all the kids and said, "You brought the whole crew!"  I'm sure they were thrilled.  Aubryn said, "Don't worry, we'll be noisey for you." 
At the pool there was a group of about 5 men in their 50's or 60's.  They were visiting from Chicago to go skiing and watch the super bowl.  The men were sitting in the hot tub drinking beer when Reagan came over.  He stepped down on the step, looked at them, and couldn't stop staring.  He looked very conserned for these men 4 feet in front of him.  Then he looked over at me and asked in his "whisper", "ARE THEY DRINKING BEER!?"  I nodded yes.  He watched them very closely for about 3 more minutes.  He turned to me again and whispered, "THEY"RE GUNNA DIE!!!"  I think he expected them to drop dead right in front of him. 
The next morning they swam some more and we took them to lunch.  All but Brad fell asleep on the 15 minute drive home.  A perfect vacation for the kids.
Sunday, Aubryn bore her testimony in Sacrament meeting at church.  She had no hesitation and stood tall at the pulpit.  She has never done that before.  On the ride home from church I asked her what made her want to go up there.  Her answer, "I thought it would make people happy and I thought you would give me money."  I think she is on to something, but I would use that insentive in the opposite way.  There are some people I would pay not to get up there.  I'm kidding.