Sunday, February 17, 2019

 Funniest way ever to loose a tooth!  Wesley was surprised to see his tooth stuck to his sucker!  It was soooo loose, but he wouldn't let us touch it.

 Aubryn ice skating.
 Brian and Eden
 Brian and Eden
 Eden LOVED the red wheels, but not having her picture taken with them.
 Snowy temple

 Rylan is very sensitive.  Eden was sad that some girls wouldn't play with her.
 Someone from Brad's mission made this.

 Brad made this ring for me.

 Got this text last week
 At the restaurant we ate at on Valentines Day
 Reagan has some girls after him.  Valentines day was annoying to him. 
 The young women did some heart attacks and this is a heart that Aubryn drew. ha ha
 Some invitations I've been working on.
 Aubryn's cute dressers that she wanted to sell.  Ended up giving them to a friend to use for their wedding.
 The white dots are Styrofoam
 Wesley's work hanging in the school
 Sign I liked in the school
 Wesley's work
 James by his work
 Wesley's drawings on the white board.

The irony of the drawing and the artist.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

 I've been screen shotting LOTS of thoughts and sending them to Brad.
 Our Lesson for Come Follow Me
 Valentine cookies
 Diet Valentines cookies
 Volcano given to us from the neighbor
 Eden and Aubryn.
 Eden sleeping
 After our Come Follow Me lesson about Jesus being the light, we watched out the back window as the earths shadow began to cover the moon.  We also ate ice cream.

 Those rocks are from Brad.  I made that sign.  I re-did my room.

 Headed to the temple to to baptisms.  Meanwhile in New Mexico, Brad was performing a baptism the same day!
 Eden with her pretend cell phone stuck to her ear through her hat.  Its  crazy to watch her walk around talking on the the and swiping like it is real.
 Picnic with Lailee

 My good friend and her husband had a meeting with the first presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!
 Shoveling so we can get to school
 Driving to the gym. It took a ridiculous amount of time to get there that day and Eden's tummy hurt after the ride.
 I made Eden a nightgown
 The funniest missing persons sign ever.  The drawing of a baby from 1978 with 40 year age progression. ha ha

 She changed into her own outfit and a lady in the grocery store complimented her.  "See mom!  I look pretty!"  I was more worried about her getting cold.

 Playing a game
 Watching a Sunday movie
 I painted the cactus to remind me of New Mexico.  I have positive thoughts written in dry erase marker on my bathroom mirror
 I changed the shower curtain, rug, towels, and things on the walls.
 I painted the background and put this vinyl saying on it

 Wesley was the student of the month
 Happy Reagan!
 My room with the new curtains, bedspread, and pillows.
 Rylan reading the sign
I see this sign as I lay in bed.  "Be still and know"