Sunday, March 18, 2018

 I helped at a wedding reception and wrote these rules for the girls helping.
 Some of the decorations

 cute Aubryn

 Reagan and Cordon, or Ronald Reagan and Daniel Boone. (Wax museum)

 Chalk board signs

 Five out of seven kids got a really bad virus.  Wesley fevered the longest at seven days.  Aches, fevers, coughs, the works!  We all went to church today, yay!  It was says and days of laying around, comforting, reading, coloring, watching shows, and sleeeeping.

 (A t-shirt I made for Aubryn's friend's birthday)
 James made his bed and build "Donald Trump's wall"

 Dragon fruit given to us by Camille to lift our spirits.
 Wesley at the Doctor on day 6 of his fever.  Doctor gave him a prescription for tamiflu, even though he never tested him for that and he was a week into the bug.  It seemed odd.  He said he either had influenza A or some other virus that was worse.  I never filled the prescription.  He pulled out of it.

 More Zombies
 And this is a picture Eden drew of me in the midst of the sickness.  It cracked me up!  It was very accurate!

 The sickos!  Reagan is laying there with them, but he never got sick! He slept in the boys room and played with them.  He would talk close to Eden.  He really wasn't careful at all and came out of it without a problem!
 My new affirmation sign I wrote and hung to read daily.
 Sick and lethargic Eden wanting me to always sit on her bed.  Here she is holding my foot.  Don't go, mom!
 After a night of high fevering for Eden and I had gotten her in the tub to cool her off she went back to sleep.  In the morning I woke up early and went in her room to check on her and take her temperature. She was not in her bed.  I looked around in the boys room and back in mine.  I started to get a little nervous and then saw that sometime in the night she had gone downstairs and fallen asleep on the sofa!
 Wesley is coloring while Eden lays there.  She wanted me on her bed, so we sat there and colored.

 Wesley sleeping  again
 To tiered between bites.  He really didn't eat much.
 Lauren singing for an older couple in our ward.  Miamaids visited the couple.
 There was a rainbow shining in that bright spot in the sky.  I was waiting for the boys at piano.
 Hard to see it in the photo
 My notes while preparing for a lesson.
 Brad ready to pick up his prom date!!

 The corsage I made for his date!  I wanted to try and make it, but it was tricky finding what I needed.  Next time, I'll feel a little more confident in what I'm doing.

 Church ball for Aubryn!

 Signs for the reception. I also sewed aprons and table napkins for the centerpieces.

 X-rays of Reagan's broken toes.  The top is the day it happened.  Bottom is 3 weeks later.  We are 7 weeks later and his middle toe still bothers him.

 Brad solved the puzzle!
Aubryn and Colette LOVE High school musical!