Sunday, July 22, 2018

Summer fun in July 2018

 Grandpa Bryce, Brad, and Grandma Mary
 Grandma Jenny, Brad, Grandpa David
Anjie, Brad, and Brian.  Brad went through the temple July 21, 2018.  GREAT DAY!!
Lots were there, not all made it in the photo. others were Julianne and Ben, Bishop Chris Henley and his wife, Julie, Chuck and Meredith Richardson.
Before they left.  Brian was Brad's escort.
Brad playing the piano while Grandma rests
visiting and stuff
James was teaching Grandpa Bryce how to play chess.
eden didn't want dad to sell the stroller
Rylan at scout day camp

"I don't know why she doesn't like me.  I'm happy everyday." Eden said as the voice of Ken.
Colette and Aubryn working on their "set".
We've been cleaning and going through things and I found this.  I bought it for Brad when he was still in my belly.  He was due July 3, but didn't come until the 7th.  I still dressed him in it.
Me trying to go potty and Eden responding, "I'll be right here!"

Chase and Brad saying goodbye for two years.  Chase left the 18th for his mission in lubbock texas.   We'll miss him! I drove by his car sitting on the side of the road by their house and said it made me sad.  Reagan said, "Why?! He's on a mission!"

Brad and his garden
Gian aviation maps

Wesley's primary talk he gave the same day Brad go the Melchizedek priesthood.
July 15, 2018 Brad was ordained an Elder by Brian.  When they began the blessing Eden whispered, "We should take a picture so we can remember this."  I told her we couldn't and to be quiet and try to remember it.  Also, Wesley knelt on the floor.

John Arrington, Mason Allen, Brian, Brad, Brian Brimhall, Chris Henley
Wesley and Emma Bolingbroke
Reagan mowing
Swim cap on Rylan
Eden earned her barbie house
Girls camp fun!  Was really hot, but other than that it was great.  Aubryn went home sick with heat exhaustion.

Happy 18th birthday to Brad!


Brad is bowling on his birthday!

I made a shirt for him with his mission logo on it.

from wesley

from James

He wanted to buy this at a yard sale.  they wouldn't sell it.
Fire works are funny!

Reagan found this at the store Ross and wanted to buy it. nope
And a machete.

Brad won first place at a pie eating contest on the fourth of July.  He won $10

Reagan quit after the girl next to him's hair landed in his pie
James and Rylan didn't win, but tried.

catching fish bare handed

Cali with Brian, his parents, and his siblings with spouses celebrating his parents 50 year anniversary coming this Sept.

We stayed at the Lawrence Welk Resort.  There were raccoons too!

Aubryn's softball team
Zip line at Anderson family reunion

Wesley falling
Face painting friend came and painted kids faces

The last bit of wesley's fingernail before it came off.