Monday, March 21, 2016

Rydalch Family Party

We went to a Rydalch family party (reunion, but I thought if I called it a party more people would come) on Saturday.  It was a great success!  We had a great turnout!  It was so good to see everyone.  It had been many many years.  Here are some pictures:

 Shad hung Brad's shoe on the antenna.
 Had to take a picture of this photo with Shad wearing acid washed jeans and moon boots.
 My cousin, Jodi, brought the photos on the upper part and Shad and Trina took photos of each family that came.
 We had a family "Variety Show."  It was so fun.  Here is Lola playing her harp.
 Jodi, Lilly, and Kate singing "I'm trying to be like Jesus."
 Ryan, Jane, and kids singing peanut butter and jelly.
 Deidre and her girls did a musical number.

 Dad MC'd

 The oldest cousin Alan talking about spending time with Grandpa out on the farm.
 Uncle Layle cracking jokes and reciting one of his cowboy poems about when he dies.  Pretty funny!
 My food.
 Full house!  We set up 10 tables with 8 chairs each and some people had to sit at the kiddie table.
 Kristel, Silas, and Clare.
 Alan Bagley and his wife Suzanne.
 Mason, Ailee, Cheri, Megan, and Olivia.
 Jodi's family, Lilly, Chris, Kian, Jodi, and Kate.
 Trevor, Reagan, and three boys that I don't remember their names.
 Trevor Bagley and his wife.
 Griggs family.  Ridley, Brynn, Deidre, her husband (forgot his name), Ari, ??, and Keri.
 Layne Bagley family.  Also, Glenda and Layle.
 Ryan and Jane Olsen family.  Kay and Garth.
 My cousin Joan and her husband.  Also her two girls Jessie and Mandi.

 Brad, Tyler, Lola, Breah, Aubryn, Kylie, and Addi.
 The photo table.
 Dad, Garth, and Alan.

 Old apron banner.

 Roses like the ones Grandma grew.
The end.  I will add the photos Shad took when we get them.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Power of Woman

In many ways I am passionate about this topic. There is JOY in WOMANHOOD!

Woman in the gospel.


Childbearing mother.

Mother raising children.

They all intertwine, yet they can each stand alone.  The role and power of a woman is quite amazing.  I believe that when Adam and Eve left the garden, God explained to them their callings.  God gave them each opportunities to work and feel joy in their responsibilities. When we try to get out of those tasks, we will miss out on blessings.  Men have a big job and heavy duties to their God, wife, and children.  Women also have big, overwhelming, and awesome responsibilities.  When we work hard to fulfill our roles, there is so much happiness!  A man finds satisfaction in providing, supporting, and caring for his family.  Women, likewise, can feel fullness in embracing their womanhood and all it entails.  I am so grateful for the plan.  I love having a man who respects, loves, and honors me.  He lifts me and makes my burdens lighter.  I hope I do the same for him.

Satan has done a very good job to degrade both roles, but especially the role of woman.  Women often feel "less than" in all they do.  We look to what others have or don't have. We burden ourselves by turning sideways and focusing on others.   We need to stay focused on here not there.  We should grasp onto our wonderful womanhood.  Explore our role and what we can contribute to the Plan of Salvation, our families, and our communities.  That is where we will find JOY!
One area that I see this the most, is in birth.  It is one of women's most powerful and divine rolls in the Plan of Salvation. Women have amazing power when they birth their babies.  They are strong and beautiful!  Society has contorted and twisted this strength which has made many feel weak, fearful, and that they need to be saved from the process.  I feel women should trust themselves.  They should let their body work.  I know there are times when intervention is needed and we are so thankful for it!  For the most part, I believe meddling with something that is not broken, creates unneeded problems and women who do not trust themselves and feel broken.  This is such a vital time, when a woman becomes a mother.  Mothers are designed to leave their births feeling TRIUMPHANT, AWESOME, ASSURED, and CAPABILE.  Not weak, afraid, timid, and unsure of herself.  Mothers everywhere should be told to trust themselves.  Stay close to God, he knows our babies and can guide us.  No one else.  I will say there are people who have great experience and advice for us.  Ultimately, though, we are responsible and own our actions regarding our children and how those actions affect them.  No one else.  Do not doubt yourself.  That is Satan's voice!

God loves women.  God respects women.  He holds us in reverence, respect, and sacredness.  He doesn't exploit us.  Just as Mary "kept all these things and pondered them in her heart" I feel Heavenly Father does similarly regarding women.  He keeps the most sacred and powerful things from getting mocked and degraded.  I feel men and their priesthood are here to support us in our work.  When reading the scriptures and praying for understanding regarding women and the priesthood, I found that over and over the priesthood is referred to as the "Holy Order."  God has order in all things.  There is no need for us both to have the same calling.  We are mortal and our world is flawed, but this is only for a short time.  This order is laying the foundation for us to prepare for greater places, things, and callings that we cannot understand now.

I am very grateful to my Heavenly Father for the joy I have found in womanhood.  It is challenging!!  It is rewarding!!

A woman loves her baby before she meets him or her.  She calms a child's fears.  She teaches truth.  She nourishes bodies, minds, and souls.  She can compel a movement, whether  inside her child's heart, her family, or all those around her.   A woman is powerful!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Sunday, March 13, 2016

James asked Brian why we didn't name him Jesus, because there is power in His name.
"B----, b-----."  Eden said to me.  "B----, 'mere peas." I got up and followed her.  She walked up to her boots.  "Oh!  Boots.  Yes, lets get your boots on." I said relieved.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

I Finished the Book of Mormon!

Last April when we got back from our trip to Palmyra and Kirtland I had a renewed spirit for the Book of Mormon.  I started reading it.  I prayed for understanding.  (I need to thank Brian for helping with kids early in the morning as I read.)  Saturday, March 5th 2016 I FINISHED it!  I don't think I have read it all the way through by myself since I was single.  How sad.  I really enjoyed reading it!  I learned more and was fascinated and uplifted.  When I realized that I finished I felt a little sad it was over.

I feel that my excitement for the book spilled over to our children a little bit.  Several months ago we changed things up with family scripture study.  We began sitting around the table.  I read.  I grabbed a white board and we began drawing cities and writing names to help kids follow the story line better. 

Last week as I was reading the final chapters of  the B of M, a scripture really stood out to me one morning.  The Thursday before, I had received a letter from the court that I needed to respond to regarding jury duty.  I jumped online that night after the kids were in bed to fill out the form.  I asked to be excused at this time because I had seven young children and my husband had health issues.  The next morning I got an email that I was qualified.  I was confused and called the lady at the court office.  I told her I was confused.  I had asked to be excused.  I am guessing she hears all kinds of excuses from people because she didn't have much patience for me.  She told me she didn't want to argue with me and that, "It was my civic duty!"  The only way she would excuse me was if I got a letter faxed to her from Brian's doctor.  I called his doctor's office right away.  I was panicked at the thought of being summoned to jury duty anytime between April 1 through June 30.  To make a long story short, it took them three business days to get back to me after I left messages everyday.  Then after I talked to her, it took her a couple more days to get back to me again to tell me that the physician's assistant that saw Brian last would not write the letter.  I cried.  I was told one episode a month is not enough.  I told her my concerns and said I didn't know what else to say.  She said she'd ask her again.  A couple days went by, again.  I was feeling SO anxious about this whole thing.  I had prayed they would write the letter, but if not it would all work out.  Thursday morning I read this scripture....Moroni 7:  26 And after that he came men also were saved by faith in his name; and by faith, they become the sons of God. And as surely as Christ liveth he spake these words unto our fathers, saying: Whatsoever thing ye shall ask the Father in my name, which is good, in faith believing that ye shall receive, behold, it shall be done unto you.
 27 Wherefore, my beloved brethren, have miracles ceased because Christ hath ascended into heaven, and hath sat down on the right hand of God, to claim of the Father his rights of mercy which he hath upon the children of men?
 37 Behold I say unto you, Nay; for it is by faith that miracles are wrought.  

I decided after I read that to pray with more faith and knew this was a righteous  desire.  I have issues, I think, with faith and the Lord's will.  I know his will is best and that is what will happen regardless of my faith.  I have experienced it.   This was a lesson for me to exercise more faith and believe that he could answer my prayer.  That afternoon Brian called me to see if I had heard from them.  I had not.  He called back a few hours later and read to me a letter excusing me from jury duty!!!!!  He called down there himself and worked some magic.  I was SO RELIEVED!  A miracle! 

I'm so thankful for the Book of Mormon!  I love it and KNOW that it is true.  I'm thankful to the people who helped to bring it about.  I am blessed to have it in my life.
 My family at the Provo City Center Temple open house.
 {Side note:  Do you see how tall Brad is!??  6'2" last I measured.}

Our mixer was not working well one day and Rylan said, "We'll need to get a new one at a yard sale."
Aubryn and some of the other kids have been super interested in the presidential election and asking me questions.  I had explained to Aubryn after many questions why I didn't like what Bernie Sanders pushed and stood for.  She said, "Why don't you just write Bernie and tell him what you think?"
"He won't care."  I told her.
Then Reagan said, "He'll just text you back and get you arrested!"
That same night one of the kids asked, "If Dad where the president, would he be a good one?"  That made me chuckle to myself, then Brad replied, "That depends.  Compared to who?"
Aubryn said something profound to me one day.  She has been asking a lot about Hillary Clinton.  She has heard girls talk about how we need a woman to become the president to show that women can do anything.  She has asked me about her and why I wouldn't vote for her.  I told her about Carly Fiorina. I told her some of the things Hillary stands for and that she is not an honest person.  Aubryn said to me, "Girls will vote for her because she is a woman and they want to show that a woman can do it too, but if they elect a woman and she does a really bad job then that will be sad for all women and people will think women can't do those hard things."  {something to that effect}
I have been cleaning my house room by room and getting ride of piles of stuff.  Yesterday I worked most of the day in the basement and playroom.  As I was finishing up and vacuuming Aubryn asked me if Grandma was coming over.  "No, why?"
"'Cuz you're cleaning."  Ha ha  She knows nothing motivates me to clean more than my mom coming over.

 Brad practicing the organ at 10:30 pm Saturday night.  He played for Sacrament meeting today and did an awesome job!

 Stocking up!
 Bath time!

 Lining up.


 Wesley, James, Eden