Sunday, June 12, 2016

A little bit ago we were reading nursery rhymes.  We read Humpty Dumpty and James asked me a very profound question after we finished the story.
"How did Humpty Dumpty get on the wall?"
I had never thought of that.  How did he get himself into such a dangerous situation?  We talked about all the different ways we thought he could get on the wall.  We discussed why he would go up to a dangerous place.  Was he tricked?  Did he think it would be fun?  Were others up there?  Did someone throw him a rope?  Was there a ladder or stairs?  Why did he not get down after he got up there?  What influenced his decision?
We made a Family Home Evening out of the question.  We don't know the whole story, but we do know if Humpty had made better choices in the beginning then he would not have fallen.
While we were in St. George a girl was drinking from the splash pad water fountain.  Not a little bit.  A LOT.  I looked around for parents.  I finally walked over to her and told her, "I don't think you should drink this water.  It can hurt you."
"Like I could die?"  she asked.
Then her mom yelled for her.
As we were driving one day Wesley was telling us about his dream. (He has lots of dreams)  He said that him and James were jumping in the video game!  He told us all about it.  Wesley LOVES video games and computer games.
Brad wants a lot of stuff.  He really needs to live on a farm.  He wants chickens and other animals.  One day he told me he wanted a greenhouse.  I must have told him I didn't want to look at one in my yard because I thought they were ugly.  I must have said that because when we were visiting Brian's cousins house and he saw the large greenhouse in their backyard he told them I said that.
What could I have even said to that?  And this was my 15 year old talking, not a little kid!
Aubryn was told to vacuum.  I left and when I came back the vacuum was out and the job was unfinished.  That is unusual for Aubryn.  I asked her what happened.  She said, "I had a feeling I should not keep vacuuming, so I stopped."
I am always trying to teach my kids to listen to their inner voice, the Holy Ghost, or promptings.  I think she just found the perfect way to get out of things!  I didn't say anything back to her.  I didn't know what to say!
Ran to Walmart with Brad, Chase, and Aubryn.  A worker meowed at us when he almost ran us over pushing carts.  Then their was a gal spying on shoppers with her walkie talkie.  She crept around, crouched sown behind displays, tip-toe-ran, and whispered.  If she was trying to be sneaky, she was doing a horrible job.  She made me nervous.  So I went up to her and sked if she worked there.  "Yes!" she whispered, "Yes.  I work here."  Then she ran away.
Eden thinks Chase's name is Jesus sometimes.  I'm not sure why.  Today at church Chase was sitting at the sacrament table blessing the bread and water.  Eden pointed, "Jesus!" she said loudly in the quiet chapel.  "Jesus!  Jesus!"  I giggled and wondered if people thought she was really seeing Jesus at the sacrament table.

Things that Eden Says

what's this?  which is always followed by, "Oh, and she repeats what it is."
what happened?
go away!
circles (cheerios)
stop it
don't touch it
shoes on
bye Daddy
Bradley (I love that she calls him Bradley instead of Brad)
this way
thank you
music. on.
stairs.  or up-eh-de-stairs
hold you
have it (when she wants to give you something)
uh oh
love you much
love you more
thanks much

Phone Photos

 View out the back tonight as we sat to read scriptures.

 This is what it looks like when you play the piano and you are 6'3".  (He's 15!)
 Aubryn really likes to take selfies.  This is on the way to church today.
 Brian, enjoying his day of rest.

 My kids LOVE the game slitherio.  A LOT.  Reagan wanted a picture with his "H U G E" snake.  He made #6 on the list.  His snake's name was "I am Trump."
 So, I asked Brad to trim the bush and this is what I got.  (It's a face if you can't see it in the photo.)
 Waiting while Brad got his PERMIT!!!
 YEAH!!  About time!!  Now to practice without loosing my sanity.  Poor kid scoots the driver's seat all the way back and his knees still hit the steering wheel.
 Here is Wesley eating school lunch.  He takes his time.  Everyone else was finished and playing outside.  He is not going to be rushed, no matter what I say to him.

 James and the rocket he made.
 We walked to the park.  Wesley is standing here not to far from the park, but refusing to walk.  It was quite a battle of the wills that he finally won.  Aubryn let him climb in the stroller.

 It was a really windy day at James' ball game!

 Farmer Brad with Mr. Schaffer, his FFA and Agriculture teacher.  Brad is planting the pumpkins for the school pumpkin patch.  He has been working very hard.  He likes it a lot.  This fall he will get the profits from selling the pumpkins.  He has been plowing the field, driving the tractor, tilling, planting, etc.  He goes and waters and moves the pipes.  Hard WORK!!

 Our ward had a 5k.  Here is Brian at the finish line.

 Brad ran his first 5k!  I was super proud of him and kind of surprised that he did it!  He did well too!

 Backyard fun!  We have worked super hard on our backyard and now it is time to enjoy it!  I need a picture of the fire pit area.


 Brian does not see anyone from his mission.  He doesn't have mission reunions.  He really never even hears from anyone.  Most of his companions were native and one of his Presidents was too.  A lady he baptized reached out to him.  She is now living in the states and came to see us.  We had a nice visit and ate lunch.  She really holds Brian in a special place in her heart.  It was a wonderful time.
 She salsa danced with him.  ha ha!!

 Isaac's birthday.  He would be 14!!!

 Donuts at the grave!

 Reagan with Grandpa David and Grandma Jenny.

 Rylan playing baseball!  He is good!

 James hitting and playing first base.  He does really well too!

 One of Aubryn's amazing etch a sketch drawings.
 Aubryn and more selfies.

 With her friend Rachel.

 Here we are driving home from St. George on Memorial Day weekend.  There was a Norman and Faye Hawks family reunion.  It was wonderful weather.  We had a good time!

 Thought the Tesla charging stations were excessive at this restaurant we ate at on our drive home.
 They were so excitied to get a quarter!  Then Reagan's treats all fell into the plants under the candy machines.

 The kids tried to time Wesley in an attempt to make him eat faster.  It worked for a minute.
 Then he was worn out.
 Eden screaming with excitement for the candy.
 Pine Valley

 Water area by the tabernacle downtown.

 Me attempting to take a selfie and realizing I am not good at it.

 A fun park!!
 Boy cousins and uncles.
 The girls.
 James is crazy good at monkey bars.

 Eden climbing out of the pool, again!

 Swinging next to a CRAZY swinging teenager.  I've never seen anything like it.  I'll post a video.

 Aunt Darlene talking about Grandpa.

 Lilly and Aubryn built a fairy house.

James loves lincoln logs.