Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Out to Dinner

Tonight we took the family to IHOP for dinner. (did you know kids eat free on Tuesday night?) I was reaching all over the table helping kids. I looked down and noticed that my chest was sitting in my biscuits and gravy. (I ordered healthy tonight) ugh. Sorry, no picture to post.

Friday, April 18, 2008

A busy day!

Our neighbor is helping Brian build a swing set! Meanwhile our driveway is still broken and we are having other concrete put in today.
Brad the handy man.
Do these instructions make any since???
Almost done!
Look at those muscles!
Sidewalk to the garage side door.
Back patio.
Ohh boy.
Brian's treat. A basketball court (kinda).
Patio, almost done.

Reagan was sad after he got clobbered by the see saw.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In the Motherhood

For all you moms out there, go to www.inthemotherhood.com . They have lots of "webisodes". They are pretty funny.

Breaking and fixing up

We got our back yard leveled! Ready for the next step. (we put a fire pit back in the right and there will be a swing set soon. We hope!)

The ground under our driveway settled and the driveway fell. So luckily it is under warrenty and they are fixing it.
How did this poor guy get this job??? No one else ever took a turn. He used the sledge hammer and his muscles to break up the concrete. I felt so bad for him. Don't they make tools for that? A jack-hammer, maybe??
Brian went out and brought him a drink. He visited with him in Espanol. This guy is going home to Mexico next month after being here a year. He has earned enough to build a home and start his business. He has a wife and two boys. Brian gave him a Book of Mormon and some other church info in Spanish. He has lived here in Utah this long and was curious about the church, but the only church he had been invited to was the Evangelist church. He seemed to appreciate the things Brian gave him and asked how much he owed Brian.
That is a LOT of work. Then they just picked up these chunks and threw them in the truck! I don't think I could lift one.
These are the 3 tools used to get all that concrete out!Our walkway and steps settled too. The steps had pulled away from the house. (Same guy broke this up too, bright and early the next morning.)
He's thinking about it.Done thinking!

Tomorrow a guy is coming to pour our patio. Yeah!
Someone said to me today when I brought her dinner (she just had a baby), "You didn't have to do this. You don't look like you feel well today." I didn't think I looked that bad.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Aubryn's Angel is Back

Last night Aubryn climbed her wooden chest of drawers to get something out of the top drawer. The whole thing came crashing down! We ran in there and she was off to the side of it. It left a tiny mark by her eye. We can't figure how she cleared out of the way of it. It is heavy and I was surprised that it fell at all. We are very grateful that she wasn't hurt!!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

It's Reagan's first time...

Plugging his nose! I know this is probably only funny to us. Reagan went into the bathroom while Brian was "busy". Reagan came out doing this.

(I can't stop laughing at these pictures!)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pig tails!!

Aubryn wore pig tails today! This is a big deal. It's been a good six months since she would let me put anything in her hair. I remember why I like them so much. Besides being cute they are so fast!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I took Reagan to the doctor this morning and we got to wait in the "well child" room. It was so exciting! I think this is only the second time I've taken him to the doctor when he did not need his oxygen stats tested! We weaned him off his reflux medicines about a month ago. We wanted to see how he would do. He got a bad cough right away. Bad timing! Was it the reflux or was he sick? We have waited it out and the cough went away. He was sick. When the Doc listened to his lungs today she said he sounded better than he EVER HAS!!!!!!!! Yipee!!!!!!! You have no idea how happy I am about this. We were really hoping and praying he would be able to outgrow his bad silent reflux that has caused ongoing wheezing and damaged his lungs. (He also had a bad respiratory virus when he was an infant that damaged his lungs. He was in the hospital with it. The combination made for ongoing problems. A simple cold is NEVER simple.) Reagan is so funny. He really is scared of any place that looks like a doctor's office.(I don't blame him!!) We kept giving him suckers at the appointment to try to keep him happy. When we said it was time to go he was so happy and was wanting to get dressed. We put everything on but his pants because we knew they were coming back in to give him a shot. He kept hitting and rubbing his legs. He wanted his pants on. He was getting frustrated with us putting the pants on our heads and arms and such. So finally he headed out without them on.
Aubryn also got a shot while we were there. I told her when we got home she could choose a prize from the cupboard for being a good girl today. I was SO SURPRISED when she chose to pick something for Brad instead of herself. (I think Brad was too!) After she did that I told her, "Aubryn, that was so nice of you!" She nodded her head and smiled, "I'm nice." The thing is this is only the second time she has been able to get a prize. Brad has about 4-5 times. He understands consequences better than Aubryn. She understands them if they are immediate. But, maybe she understands more than I think.

Monday, April 7, 2008


We went to a Jazz game last week. It was fun. We sat way up at the top. I felt bad for the guy sitting next to Aubryn. She was really wacking those blow-up balloons!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Doorbell

When the doorbell rings at our house there is a stampede!!! I wonder what it sounds like on the other side of the the door for whoever is waiting. Last week the doorbell rang and they all began running and yelling, "I'll get it!!" Then Aubryn tripped over my foot and landed on her face. Brad yelled, "It's not my fault!" When we arrived at the door Aubyrn's lip was bleeding. (She still wanted to be the first one there.) I wonered who would be on the other side. I smile and open the door, "hello!" I was relieved it was just some scouts. Nothing to embarrasing.
Last night I had a meeting at my home. The kids were so excited about it! I was making an April Fool's dessert. (It looked like sushi but was rice crispy treats wrapped in fruit roll up) I could hear Brad and Aubryn talking and discussing their plan when people started coming. Brad told Aubryn that she could open the door. She was thrilled. I was suprised! Then he said, "I'll start playing the piano!"

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Aubryn's life motto

Yesterday we went skiing. Well, I watched Brian, Brad, and daring Aubryn ski. I could hear her telling Brian to let go. She wanted to do it herself. This was her first time ever wearing skies. She would cry when she had to sit with me while Brian helped Brad. She wanted to go up the big mountain over and over. Brad would have been content to stay on the bunny hill all day.
I was walking Aubryn and carrying Reagan to the van. There was a big pothole in the parking lot full of water. I wasn't sure how deep it was. I knew Aubryn would go for it. I said three times, "don't step in the puddle." She went right into it and was splashed in the muddy water. Luckily it only went to her ankles. I let out a sigh. Then she said, "Mom, I didn't die in it!"