Sunday, March 24, 2019

Feb and March

 Bridal Shower for Brynn. Colette, Brynn, Camille
 Elder companionship from Brad's mission.  6'7" and 5'2"

 From shower
 "I want to touch." said Wesley.  Then Eden said, "It's a pretty dress.  Why is it so short?"  The lady that gave this brought it early before the kids had left my house.

 6th grade dance

 Reagan with Ethan and Dallin
 Dancing the waltz
 Dinner on a week night

 box of sand from white sands monument
 New bunk beds in the boy's room.  All four boys sleep in the same room.

 Reagan cheating/beating Addi in a contest to out step each other.
 We aren't sure if using filters is against the rules.  Who knows anymore!

 I told the kids that this is what happened to Brad after he ate the cactus.
 Brad getting a haircut from President Shipley, the branch president in Truth or Consequences.

 Eden at the park
 Reagan and Addi

 Wesley and Eden

 Eden getting her kindergarten check up

 Dinner with the girls

 Filter fun with Eden
 Michelle Scharf's 50th birthday party

 Driving to Logan for a photo shoot

 Logan Temple
 Reagan's basketball team


 Reading to her doll

 Lunch with Eden

 Playing missionary, "And Behold..."

 Eden's new room.  I switched the girl's rooms.  It was a lot of work.

 This is the only picture I have from Aubryn's room.  I need to take some more.