Sunday, October 29, 2017

 Drove all around town and these things never fell off the back bumper of the van.

 After her first game and win.  We stopped at a craft fair and they had this little photo area set up.

 First game for Aubryn.  She played WELL!  She is great at defense.  She made a couple shots too.
 James's name was on the Jimmy's Floral!  Got a rose and gave it to Grandma Jenny.

 Beautiful October!
 The odd things we find at yard sales.

 Weber High Trunk or Treat.

 I wrote this poem for Brad to respond to a girl who asked him to Sadies dance.  But he couldn't handle the second verse, so he sent her the poem and left that part out.
 Eden's newest dress I sewed.
 Battery dead on a lovely night.

Missing his two front teeth!

Monday, October 23, 2017

 Hanging out in the choir. I'm a horrible singer.  Brad really wanted me to join.

 Brad has been busy putting up the Christmas lights.

 $3 army man at the D.I.
 James with his crazy tooth!  That front tooth finally came out!
 Reagan waiting for his check up.  I had to giggle to  myself  watching him play with the little toys.

 Wesley likes to read, even if he won't admit it.
$.25 ice cream cones!
Rylan asked if I was going to sign him up for basketball.  I told him I'd love to, but the doctor said he can't.  He ran off.  We couldn't find him.  I found him hiding behind the chair in the piano room.  He did not want to talk or hear anything we said.  He finally came out when Brian said, "Let's go golfing."  I'm sad for him.  He loves basketball.
A week ago I was helping James give his talk in Primary.  The talk paper looked like this, "The Priesthood blesses girls and boys, young and old, and EVERYONE!"  As I whispered and prompted James along he shouted the word "EVERYONE" into the microphone.  I started laughing.  Then I couldn't stop laughing.  I was so embarrassed.  I couldn't get a grip!  I looked at Brian sitting in the back for help.  He just put his hand up.  I glanced at the Primary president.  No help there.  James was baffled.  I finally pulled myself together and got through the rest of the talk.  I asked the secretary if that meant We wouldn't have to give a talk for awhile as I left the room.  Nope!  Not with all our kids in there!  Next time Brian has to help.
Our kids mix up words and sometimes it's pretty funny.  James asked me if a food item was inspired.  Rylan asked if a food item was extinct.
We got a new stake president.  Darin Carver. This is Chase's dad.  I know he'll do a great job, but I will miss him as our bishop.  He has really helped us.  Last year when Brian was not doing very well he came to our home late at night to visit with just Brian and I.  He is very in tune with the Spirit and was very helpful.  One thing he said to me that I still lean on for comfort was, well I need to share some back story.  I was driving and at a stop light waiting to turn left.  I was the only driver in our home at the time.  I was waiting for the cars to pass through so I could turn left across the road.  the cars passed and I should have gone, but felt to wait.  Then a mini van flew through it's red light from my left.  If I had pulled out, I would have been hit directly.  It really frazzled me.  I prayed and thanked God for protecting me.  What would my family do if I could not take care of everyone?  The thought really panicked me.  I was also having pain around my torso.  Like someone was squeezing me.  It was worse at night when I tried to sleep.  Anyway, I was starting to really worry that something would keep me from taking care of my family.  I think the bishop was in tune because he boldly said to me, "Anjie, I promise you in the name of the Lord, that nothing is going to happen to you!  You will raise your children and the gospel will be taught around the world through them."  The pain I felt went away.  Whenever I start to worry, I remember that.  That has continued to bless me.  Rylan's heart condition is likely genetic and we know Brian's heart is fine.  I know I need to be checked and that promise has kept me calm about it.  He also recently gave me a blessing when we first learned that Rylan would start medication and that his heart issue had become more significant.  In that blessing he assured me two times that Rylan's heart would not worsen.  As I have read and learned more about it, man alive, that has really helped me to not freak out.  Especially as it takes the dr forever to call me back and answer questions.  I know these are super personal experiences and not really something I usually write on my blog.  I have kept them in my heart, but I really don't want to forget the words that were said. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Eden says...

I was driving in the van in hopes of Eden falling asleep.  I thought she must be close when I heard a little voice say, "Turn it up."  I can't stop giggling about it.  The song was by the pretenders.  "Attention, give it to me!  Cuz I'm gunna make you see.  There's nobody else here. No one like me.  I'm special.  So special......"
I was reading The Friend to Eden and there was a picture of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane.  He was sad in the picture.  I wrote down what Eden said.  "Jesus is sad.  That's because he wants me.  He is looking for me in his house.  That's my Jesus. I'm going to share my chocolate with him."

It's Autumn time!

 After church today the kids dispersed among the leaves, raking, sweeping, and piling them up.  They were like bees in a beehive.  No one talked, they just worked.  Then Reagan found the blower. He and Rylan blew the pile at them all.  They squealed and ran around laughing.

 I took this picture of Rylan to mark the first day of a new step in his life.  Rylan took his first pill this morning (like a champ!).  The pill is to help his heart not work so hard.  His check up with the cardiologist showed an enlarged aorta.  Brian gave him a blessing this morning.  He will be on medication indefinitely.
 I've been putting this chalkboard sign in young women's yards on their birthday.  I love doing it and hope it makes them feel special.

 beautiful fall!
 Brad's LAST harvest load of pumpkins!!!  He's been working SUPER hard harvesting and selling.  I have not had to pick one pumpkin this year.  His siblings have been helping.
 Headed home from "the lady's house".  My three youngest LOVE to go two doors down and ring the doorbell.  She always has something for them.  Candy, stuffed animals, books, games, etc.  "Can we go to the lady's house?!!" is something I hear everyday.
A couple days ago Eden asked me if she could go to the lady's house.  "Maybe." She'd ask again. "Probably."  I just have a hard time allowing them to go there all the time.  She persisted in asking.  My answers progressed to, "Sure."
Then she said, "Say yes."
"Yes." I said.
"Say yes louder!"She insisted.
"YES! I shouted.  She was thrilled and ran out the door.

 Eating pretzel bites at the mall.
 Kids all got a shot.  I feel so conflicted about shots.  We did this one all together.

 She is the teacher.  I am the kid.

 chili dogs for dinner.  Looked so gross I had to take a picture.
 Love it when I have these moments.
 At Spencer's baptism there were lots of little boys dressed in white.
 Bishop teaching us great things.  Tried to get a picture after the prayer of the board.
 sign at our door.
 I asked him if he would hold my sunglasses while I shopped because they kept falling on the ground.  I got a kick out him when I looked over and saw him wearing them.
 LOTS of giggling going on here.
 Eden often pulls her panties all the way down and THEN walks to the bathroom.
 Someone smashed several pumpkins. sad.

 Brad and Ryan Shupe.  They had a concert at the High School for Hope week and Brad got to introduce the band.  He also joined them for the prayer back stage before the show.  Brad is president of Hope Squad.

 Pledging to not text while driving at Brad's high school during hope week. Pretty fun!
 Just takes a thump print.

 reading on the couch.
 I've been trying to make little papers of quotes.  If I feel someone needs one, I drop in and deliver it.

 Reagan drew this during sacrament meeting.
 I just thought she was cute eating cream of wheat and toast.
 "Look scared"  I said.
 That pumpkin is 61 lbs!!

 that is the 61 pounder!

 Ready for school.
 First dollars made selling pumpkins!  WOO HOO
 We went to an Epilepsy Foundation of Utah run.  Brian and his siblings were sponsors and raised $5000 for the foundation.  They do great things.  I have to admit that, surprisingly,  attending this even was emotionally harder for me than I anticipated.  It was well organized and a great event.

 Excited for friends to come!
 James is seven!!

 Homecoming parade!  Brad walked with the hope squad.  The Hope Squad is suicide awareness.
 SOO excited for the approaching parade!!!
My floor on a random day.