Sunday, December 30, 2018

Hit the Road, Jack

Elder Hawks sharing his testimony

Playing Santa with Christmas boxes

2018 1st & 2nd Basketball

Lomond view choir Christmas song, Born on Christmas Day

Lomond view 6th grade Christmas song, Skateboarding Santa

Christmas 2018

Christmas Week

 Wesley singing happily with the 1st grade
 Eden and I watching
 The other direction, shining on the mountain.
 Brian cleaning Isaac's grave
 Rylan singing with the 5th grade
 James singing with the 2nd grade
 Reagan and the 6th grade
 I was really looking forward to the package from Brad because it was the only thing that I didn't know what was inside of it.
 View from Penny's building
 Penny's door
 Kids getting lots of gifts from Penny
 Playing with new toys

 "Mom, want a drink?"
 Christmas Sunday.  I was asked to give a 3 minute testimony of the Savior.  I was nervous.  Here is the jist of what I said:
Last year the jehovah's witnesses stopped by to visit me on dec 23.  If you didn't know,  they don't celebrate Christmas and holidays. And also, if you didnt know, preparing Christmas for my large family is a lot of work. (TAPE, WHERE'S THE TAPE?!) Remembering the savior can get lost in all the fuss. I recall that when they stopped by that day, dec 23, when i was up to my ears in Christmas crap, i watched them walk away and thought, "take me with you..."

This assignment to bear my testimony of the Savior has helped my thoughts to really focus on the Savior this week.  I am thankful for that!

I reflected on His attitude of "Here am I, send me".  He was willingly obedient to the Father.  I also feel he was motivated by his love for us.

I pondered His birth, Mary his mother,  and all the things she kept in her heart.  Sometimes, as a mother, there are feelings that can only live in your heart when you hold your newborn. 

I wondered about my testimony of Him, my personal relationship with Him. What do I know of my Savior?

I KNOW He knows me perfectly
He knows my sins perfectly
He knows my suffering perfectly
He knows my pain perfectly
He knows my joy perfectly
He knows my needs perfectly
He knows what i can handle perfectly
He lifts my capacity perfectly 
He teaches me perfectly
He comforts me perfectly
I KNOW He loves me perfectly
I KNOW He redeemed me perfectly


 Eating treats, so so many treats
 Snow on Christmas Eve!

 Isaac's grave
 We built a giant snowman at his grave.  We also had a fun snowball fight.
 Found Santa and helped him find the grave of his friend.

 Wesley likes chicken legs, a lot.
 I made an ornament for Brad's mission.
 Watching a Christmas movie

 Opening Stockings and gifts

 Brad sent us a box of ROCKS.
 James and Rylan dug a hole for a hot tub
 Classic Fun Center to play on the scooters

Playing Santa with the Christmas boxes