Sunday, December 9, 2018

 Eden's drawing to Brad
 Aubryn's Basketball team.  Only lost one game this season.

 Candy houses!

 Eden made a new friend at the store. She didn't talk to him, though, because he is a stranger.  Then in the car as I was loading groceries she asked me, "Mom, what happens to us when we die?"  She is a deep thinker, but it comes at random times.
 Eden this week developed a rash.  It started as red dots and progressed to her body almost all pink.  She is allergic to amoxicillin. I took her to instacare tuesday night.  That Doctor didn't think it was an allergic reaction.  She mentioned measles or chicken pox.  It didn't look like chicken pox.  She told me if the benadryl didn't make it fade, then it was viral.  We woke up the next morning to it being much worse.  I was quite concerned!!!  We went straight away to our pediatrician.  She knew right away that it was an allergic reaction.  These pictures will show you how it progressed through the week.

 Reagan and Wesley were recognized for their good work at school.

 The night it started.

 It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
 Brian wrote this in the first snow fall of the year.
 Eden and Brian made a snowman

 "Hawks the herald angels sing" this was used on my Christmas card this year.