Sunday, February 18, 2018

 Drawings by Wesley
 That is Jesus and the earth.  He said the rain was washing the earth.
 A beautiful sunset!
 Brian standing next to a friend while wearing his shirt that says "hottest wife ever" and an arrow. ha ha!
 Us on our Valentines date.  Everyone was wearing fancy dresses.  I walked in and realized that we were not dressed like everyone else.  oh well.

 stud muffin
 at the Valentines dinner dance.
 Came home from a church meeting to find these two playing sorry.
 Drawing by Reagan
 A note to Wesley from his friend, Vander.

 Brad after the Mr. Weber pageant.  He was so happy it was over! ha !  That was definitely the HARDEST thing he has ever done!  He can do ANYTHING now!  He survived without throwing up!
 Kids crowding the stage at the end.
 After the dance.
 His cake he decorated for the contest.
 A canvas for a shower.
 More Mr. Weber stuff at the school.

 The contestants.
 THE  K I L L E R S !!!!!!!  AHHHH!!!!

 before is started
 More Mr. Weber (Not sure why everything loads in random order and I can't fix it)
 The little knight I painted for his cake.

 Brian and I's shirts for the concert.
 T-shirt contest for mr. weber
 Best buddies relays

I was really, so proud of Brad.  This was WAY out of his element.  He was nominated by the Hope Squad advisers. (He is President of the Hope Squad for the Weber Cone.  It is a suicide prevention group.  They train students to watch for signs and they respond when there is a tragedy or death at the school.)  He did it and he did his best!  Some of those boys were right in their element.  This stretched Brad in a great way! 
"Poop is my favorite."  Eden told Brian while he wiped her bottom, "Then pink and purple."
"Please bless us not to listen to Satan."  Wesley said in our morning prayer.
I walked into the room where the toilet is in the bathroom.  I stopped and tried to remember why I went in there.  I stood there for a second then remembered!  I needed to go to the bathroom!
Eden and I were playing Polly Pockets.  The dolls woke up and Eden said, "It's morning time!  It's time to go to Gold's {Gym}."
"Mom, can I be a witch for Christmas?"  Eden asked randomly.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

 You wouldn't guess by looking at these pictures that Reagan broke two toes (third and fourth). They are broken in multiple places.  He is in a lot of pain.  I really feel so so bad for him.  He went to kick the ball in gym class and someone got it out from under him.  He kicked the floor. HARD. with his shoe on.  He called me from school about an hour after it happened because he was hurting so so bad.  I took him in and sure enough, they were broken.  So, no more basketball.  He was halfway into his season.  He chose to still go to his game and watch.  Also, no more skiing.  We bought him a pass for Christmas.  He has been pretty down.
 These pictures are from day two.
 Cupcakes for the YW if they could spot the typo in my handout.
 Brian shooting a  freethrow
 Reagan leaving the doctor
 Picture at the doctor office

 Eded. We took her shirt off because she was walking around holding her arm up in the air.  She said her shirt was bothering her under her arm.  After I took her shirt off, then she was worried that the other kids would see her belly button.  So we pulled the skirt up.  Kids would walk in and be a bit shocked.  But, I didn't want to walk all the way upstairs to get a new shirt, ok?
 Asked Reagan to straighten the pillows on the sofa.
 Here is my hand out.  Can you spot the typo?
 The golden child for the night.
 Brad got answered to prom!  Woo Hoo!

 Drawing by Eden (3)

 Grandpa and Grandma came to eat lunch with the kids.