Sunday, December 31, 2017

Stuff From December

We were getting ready to pull out of our parking spot at church and head home when Wesley saw his favorite friend, Kade out side of the van.  Our windows are tinted black so Kade couldn't see who was pounding on the inside of the glass window.  Wesley popped it open, which is only about an inch, and yells, "Kade! Kade! Kade! on Easter Jesus Dies!"
Sitting at the food court in the mall Wesley says to me, "They don't know how to spell 'corndog' so they put 'hot dog on a stick'."
At Taco Bell I gave them Wesley's name with our order.  When our food was ready the guy announced, "Wheezly, your order is ready."  Wesley couldn't stop giggling about it.  Throughout the day he would giggle and then say quietly to himself, "wheezly, he he he"
Getting into the car after eating lunch at Taco Bell, Eden would not get in her car seat. I started counting.  She then let out a frustrating, "UGH! Fine! You are all my fault!"
Eden told me she was sick and when I asked her what hurt she told me her lips.
She was sick one day and I made a little bed for her on the floor next to my bed.  She laid there and watched her favorite show.  Now she tells me she doesn't feel well about every day. The day she was sick, she was throwing up blood.  The first time she threw up it was some blood clots and it really alarmed me.  The second time there was more blood.  Then more, just coming our her mouth and nose.  It was quite a bit!  I thought, "I really should take her to the ER." (it was early hours in the morning) but a calm feeling came to me and I felt it was blood coming from her sinus and not to worry.  SO i put her back to bed and she slept for a long time after that.  I did read some scary things online but never felt I should take her in.  She rested through the day and was feeling better by night.
Eden regularly comes into my bed at night.  I told her one night to stay in her bed (think I say that every night).  She did all night and came into my room early in the morning.  She walked right up to my face, close, and tapped me several times then whispered, "Can I get in your bed?" It was so funny to me.  She has never asked before or since.
"Cupostrophe" A word Rylan made up.
I never wrote about the hamster saga.  This was in the middle of November.  Eden and Lailee (her best little friend in the world) were playing upstairs. I thought they were in Eden's room.  I heard crying and went upstairs to check things out.  The two little girls were in Aubryn's room.  Lailee was crying.  My first thought was that she fell off Aubryn's loft bed.  Eden told me she grabbed the hamster and it bit her.  I looked at her hand and she was bleeding from her pinky finger!  I felt so bad!!  I called her mom and thankfully she just laughed about it.  A few days later I was working on something for young women's at my home with several ladies.  Brad was sitting at the kitchen table eating when he looked over and said, "Aubryn's hamster is right there!"  Sure enough there it was!  Somehow it had gotten down 16 stairs!  We had screaming and lots of "EDEN is in big trouble!!" from Aubryn.  I should have known when Eden told me earlier that day, "I don't have Aubryn's hamster in my purse." that was not true.  I never even thought she would do that.  We got a lock on Aubryn's door the next day.
Brad installed that lock on Aubryn's door.  He has become quite handy!!  Hanging curtains, installing the sink faucet, hanging lights, hanging a hammock chair, hanging the thread holders in my craft room, and helping Brian and I install our dishwasher.  It's been awesome!

Looking Back on December

 I have an audience while I use the bathroom.
 Watching fireworks and people ski down the mountain at Nordic on New Years Eve
 We went to the concert of Stephanie Mabey.  SOOOOOO good!  That was to celebrate 19 years of marriage!
 Eden likes to take photos.

 SLEDDING!!  WEEE!  James and Wesley
 Brian and Eden

 All the kids have now had echo-cardiograms.  This is James.  Checking to see if all is well as the bicuspid aortic valve Rylan has is genetic.  I got an echo as well.  Should know the results this week.
 At the aquarium.  The ray is smiling!

 eating skin!  Ewww!
 James with "Marina".  Eden wanted to see the mermaid over and over.  She never sat by her.  When Brad came in a little late she took him straight to her, but she as gone!  "Brad missed out."  she told me.  Later that night she just wanted to know where the mermaid went.  Where was her home.  "Is she sleeping at the beach?"
 Aubryn likes selfies.
 Christmas aftermath.

 Christmas morning

 Christmas Eve.  Brad, Aubryn, Reagan, Rylan, James, Wesley, and Eden.
 Watching a nativity video.
 Aubyrn likes selfies.
 Brad and sister VanOrden.  She was so sweet to come listen to Brad play the piano.
 New thread holder made by my neighbor.  I love it!
 I was cutting Brad's hair and wanted to leave it like this so bad.  I thought it looked so good.  I told him he looked like a rock star.  He responded, "I'm not a rock star. He wanted me to buzz a number one ALL OVER HIS HEAD.  I couldn't do it.  We compromised.

 This was the finished result.
 Aubryn likes selfies.

 Christmas gifts from James and Wesley.

 Eden got my phone again.

 Gingerbread houses at Grandmas

 Reagan getting checked out.  All is well for him!
 Aubryn's Christmas nails.

 Aubryn's basketball team.  SO fun to watch her play!

 We told the kids no screens and after much protesting and whining, something amazing happened.  They started to play games with each other!!!

 Eden wanted things at the grocery store and she told me, "If you buy it for me I will be happy! and Grandma will be happy!" and then, "You are a naughty mom!."
 Boys ready for the Christmas concert.  SO GOOD!

 Wesley riding with me.

 Brad's gingerbread house.  WOW!!!

 My gingerbread house. HA!


 Eden, Wesley, Anjie, James
 Our simple tree this year
 Brad and Blakely heading to winter ball.  I tried to get a picture under the mistletoe, but they wouldn't go for it.

 My mantel
 Eden and Wesley didn't know what that was.

 First snow of the year.

 Aubryn playing the ukele
 Jazz game!

 Practicing planks like the players.
 Star Wars night

 watching the team warm up (or chat?) court side before the game!

 So close!


 Touching the court!

 Aubryn made this cool drum set for Josh Dun's birthday.
 Miamaids having a spa night!
 Eden tracing numbers
 Puppet from "the Lady"
Reading friend from 1980.