Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Rylan joined in at the end

LOVE this one!

We are a Happy Family

Reagan said after walking in from the backyard as dinner was cooking in the oven, “What stinks?!  What’s that smell in the kitchen?”

Early Isaac Birthday Celebration

Isaac's 9th birthday will be June 2nd.  (He would be in my Primary class)

Isaac’s birthday is coming up.  Brad will be out of town for the birthday, so I decided to do some of the traditions early so Brad could be with us.  The kids and I painted some little things to put by his grave.  We bought donuts and ate them at his grave.  That afternoon as we were preparing the items to take to the grave, Reagan started asking about his death.  Then he asked, “So, he is in a wood box?”  He seemed troubled.  I found the book of photos from Isaac’s funeral and showed them to Reagan.  There was a picture of Isaac in the casket.  He was very interested in the pictures.  I could tell he was thinking.  He said, “His body tried to go to heaven, and it did.”

1/2 Marathon

At the finish line eating Twinkies

Kristy, Julianne, Brian
Almost done!

Cheering squad! (Reagan, quit poking the baby!)
Brian ran a ½ marathon on Saturday morning.  He did great!  He even enjoyed some Twinkies at the finish line.  (Which Reagan called Winkies, then the next day he wanted a Pinkie.)  The race started on the other side of the mountain and he ran through the canyon and ended in downtown.  He drove his car to the starting line and on Sunday evening we drove over the pass (or as Rylan put it, the “scary drive”) to pick up his car.  The next day Reagan said, “Mom, did you know that there is still a world on the other side of the mountain?  They don’t have as many buildings over there though.”

The Final Straw, AGAIN!

I think I must have innocently prayed for patience. I should be more thoughtful about what I pray for. I keep having this thought, "If ONE more thing happens, I’m going to loose it." Then one more thing happens and I’m not sure how to loose it, so I think it all again.

One of the final straws was Monday when my boys, Reagan and Rylan, (who blame the other until I decide to punish both of them and then they say it just happened all by itself. I will never know.) dumped a large bottle of bubbles in the carpet. This is day three of steam cleaning. I think I am getting close to getting all the bubbles out. Monday night, after much lecturing and Brian’s encouraging, the boys told me they were sorry. Rylan said, "I sowwy. Now I have ice cream?"

This morning while I was getting dressed the boys went out front, and started riding their trikes. Both were still in their jammies and barefoot. When I walked out Reagan was at the top of the street (our street is a slight hill) riding full speed down the middle of the road. Nice.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

If Rylan wants more, he wants "lotser".
I asked Aubryn today if she lovered her life.  She said yes.  I asked her what could make it better.  I thought she would say if she had a sister.  She responded without a thought, "If Isaac were here."
I was helping Reagan learn to ride his bike.  He was talking under his breath to himself, "I know I can ride it this way!  I know I can ride it this way!  I know I can ride it this way!"
We recently bought and put up a trampoline.  It has been so much fun!  Today I was jumping on the trampoline with the kids and Reagan came over to me, "Mom, I need to tell you a secret. "  Then he wispered in my ear, "I love you."  I giggled.  Then he said he had another secret and wispered in my ear, "I like you too."

On a sad note, we came home later this evening to find our brand new, super fun, trampoline had blown up and over the fence.  It is bent.  Luckily it didn't damage anything else, like the next door neighbor's house or the two cars right by where it landed.  I am sad.  I asked my insurance agent (my husband) if it was covered.  Unfortunatly, our deductable is more than the trampoline cost us.  bummer.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The kids who make me a mom!

Kid Talk 2011 from anjie hawks on Vimeo.