Sunday, October 28, 2018

Beautiful October

 Playing monopoly

 Carving pumpkins

 Garden is gone
 Watching Aubryn play basketball.
 I feel really silly about this.  James crashed on his bike and when he came home he was really hurting.  He told me he couldn't sit.  He was laying flat on the ground.  after about an hour I felt the area around it and he said it hurt.  He said it hurt to breathe.  It looked like it was sticking out a little.  I felt I should take him into the dr.  When we got there and I pulled up his shirt, it looked like hardly anything!  Then the dr did all the same things I did and nothing hurt.  I'm glad he's fine, but I was embarrassed.  Can I trust my gut?
 Twenty-one pilots hats

 Leaf jumping!

 Saw this in a thrift store and it reminded me of Brad.  He's so festive and there are not trees where he is.
 This is in the bishop's office
 Brad's pineapple plant that the Bishop is taking good care of.
 Pistachios that Brad hand picked and sent to Brian.
 "The Glowing Tree" as the kids call it.  It is yellow underneath and purple on the outside.
 Burning bushes
 Brian jumping on the tramp with the little kids
 Angel Moroni that I made for a tiny tree topper.  I'm making something special for Brad!  I know that it looks like he doesn't have legs below his knees, but I am good with it.

 Wesley and James's basketball game.  They are doing well.  Wesley prayed before his last game that he could make a shot in the game.  Unfortunately it didn't happen.  Partly because James kept taking the ball from him!

 Sculpting Angel Moroni.  I truly feel this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever made.  It's like something out of a mormon movie

 Sleeping Eden
 FHE.  Counter Strategies, Proactive plans, Watch and Pray always.  We talked about plans to deal with temptation before we are tempted.  Here are the ideas around the middle. We talked thorugh each of these.
No! (as in, just say no with no excuses)
Say something. "We shouldn't..."  (We shouldn't watch this show, listen to this song, cheat, say these things...etc)
Walk away. Leave.  (get away from the situation)
Tell adult.
Pray for help
Family (think of your family for strength and because we want to be all together)
Ignore (in some cases it's best to ignore.  If someone teases you or cuts in line.  We talked about when ignoring is a good idea)
Think of something else (This is good if a friend wants to do something that is less that ideal, you can suggest something else)
Song (have a primary song or other church song you can sing when you need strength or a distraction)
Want help? (If someone is trying to get you to cheat, you could offer to help them.)
 I was fascinated with the leaves!

 Jumping fuuun!!

 Reagan, Eden, Kellen, Rylan, Wesley, Kasen

 Temple grounds on a Sunday

 Scripture time.  Seriously. I won't share the video. I hope they learn something.
 Aubryn dressed as her favorite drummer for a Halloween party and we saw this in someones driveway for a yard sale.  She took the red drumsticks, just like the ones he uses, but the drum set was sold. She is Josh Dun
 Ready for the party!

 We went to watch Colette in the Distinguished Young Women's Scholarship competition.  She did great!
 The glowing tree again
 Glad I took a picture because now it is empty
 harvesting a tiny watermelon and a funny carrot
 I wrote this for a friend
 Longest domino game!
 Wesley's artwork in the hall at school
 James artwork
 wasp nest the kids knocked out of a tree.

 Jackson is home from his mission!
 Balancing a rake!
 View up a street before the leaves fell
James really likes this "Trophy" of a king chess piece that Brad made.  It is made of clay.  It is heavy and fragile.  He wanted to take it to chess club but I told him we would take a photo to show instead of carrying it there.
Wesley told me that Jesus made up two words.  "I know what they are." He said.  "'Verily, Verily I say unto you' and 'Ye'"
Eden asked me a question and told me to put my answer in the comments. (youtube??)
Eden was learning her ABC's with Brian.  He told her he was learning his abc's too.  She replied with something like, "You aren't learning your abc's!  You already know them.  You learn other stuff watching those shows I don't like called conference."  Earlier that week had been general conference for church.