Sunday, February 19, 2017

 These are pictures from the Blue and Gold Banquet.  It was an "cub scout investigator"  theme.  Super fun!  The Bishop got kidnapped!

 After the Bishop was found.  Here he is with his kidnapper.
 Get the bad guy!
 Untie the Bishop!

 Following glowing fingerprints.
 Reading clue
 Crawling through lazer beams.

 Decoding first clue

 watching video


 Some leaders.
 Info board

 Bomb center pieces
 For each boy scout.

 My lunch dates.

 Valentine's dinner!

 Eden had a fever and was lethargic most of Valentine's day and the day before.  Then she suddenly perked up and wanted to get dressed and go outside.

 Took this photo about 20 minutes before she was outside.
 Day before.
 Beautiful mountains!

 Brad harvesting the rice he began growing last Spring