Sunday, January 29, 2017

"Would you rather be deaf or blind?" Aubryn asked Reagan.  I don't remember his response, but then she replied, "I would rather be deaf.  I reeeaallly want to see the second coming."
Reagan called my cell phone to ask if he could play with a friend.  I told him yes and said for him to be quiet about it so the others wouldn't feel bad.  Then he goes, "SHHH! Mom!  They'll hear you!"
Rylan asked if me on the phone if he could have a movie freebie at a friend's house.  I told him to make his own choice. (He was trying to do no screen for a week for $20)  He asked me if he watched the movie if he would still get paid.  I said no, that's what no screens is.  Then he said, "Can I talk to Dad?"
I was helping Eden say her prayers one night and told her to say, "Please help me to sleep well tonight."  She repeated me, "Please help Mom to sleep well tonight."
Eden was sleeping by me when she suddenly spoke up and said, "I jumped up on your ceiling, Mom!"  Then popped up her head and looked right at me and added, "Was that cool!?"

She has some pretty vivid dreams!  A cat in her bed trying to bite her. {hum}  and a scary hand in her room.
I was playing candy crush while James watched me.  He said, "You're good at this, Mom.  You make it look impossible!"

 James 6, Wesley 4, Eden 2 playing the monster game with Dad.

 Reagan's basketball game

 I am loving the beautiful snow.  I like winter.  I think it reminds me of growing up. Kids aren't in and out of the back door twenty times an hour.  Which means there is no slamming doors and no sand all over my house.  I can get the kids to bed at a decent hour.  We have a better routine.  Plus, I think it is beautiful.  It is cold and driving takes longer, though.

Eden on a shopping spree!!
 Finding his fossils from his scout activity.  Reagan and Rylan have the BEST scout leaders.

 Waiting to pick up kids and looking at the snow covered Ben Lomond Peak.
 Brian had a little pea on his shoe.  How embarrassing!

 From FHE the other night. Our INTENT is SO important.  How we do things matters.  We talked about work ethic and thinking about how we GET to do things.  Also, when we need to refuse something we can say, "I won't do that." instead of  "I can't..."  Like, "I won't drink alcohol."  Then we sound in control of our choices.

Aubryn played our closing song.

 Brad's rice is ready to harvest!
 Waiting for me after church.

 Reagan sprained his ankle.  After a week of limping, we had it checked.  It all checked out fine.

 "I like a cheetah and I like a hippopotamus and a octopus."  Written by James (6).

 frosty trees

 Love this quote
 Admiring the snow at Brad's school while Brian ran in to get his office key from Brad.
 Hungry Hippos at Pack Meeting.

 Creepy clown painting at Javier's Restaurant.

 I was making dinner and noticed the celery looked how I felt about going to the gym for the first time in over 10 years!  My friend invited me and I have gone every day for 2 weeks except Sunday.  She has been so kind to help me.
 Little people playing little people.
 They need bigger shopping carts.  I could barely push this thing!
 I took nine kids to dinner by myself.
 Reagan's game.

 James was crying because he was sweaty.  poor kid

 I cut my hair.


 Eden likes herself!
 We went country swinging!
 Rubbing Brad's back for Brad bucks.

 He is graphite.
 Another FHE.  If we aim high and work towards our goals of being temple worthy and going if we are old enough AND staying IN the Book of Mormon, all of our other goals will fall under that.
 waiting for dinner
 Kids eating dinner

 Homework.  blah

 Trying to prevent some flooding when it warmed up one day.
 Freeway during storm