Friday, April 27, 2018

April 2018

 Wesley brought me a flower
 Reading time
 She thinks she owns this bed.
 Showing me his burrito
 Showing me her marshmallow. Brian was in Washington D.C. with Brad and he texed us a picture of what he was eating, so we decided to show him what we were eating.

 Wesley wanted to show Dad how his finger was doing.
 Looking better!
 I cut her hair!

 Watching the ipad

 Crying because I didn't buy her what she wanted.  Her behavior is getting pretty bad.
 James's creation he built for me and Brian.
 Eden not sharing
 Shrinky dink earings

 Aubryn in her hammock chair playing her ukulele .
 Sweaty sleeper
 New bruises on the nail.  I think he re-broke his finger two times.  His little cast comes right off.  Two days later he fell on his finger on the trampoline after the cast fell off.  Then something else another day.  He had no bruising on his nail when it first happened.  Then he got a line bruise that was vertical and then the darker bruise along the bottom of his nail the second time he re-injured it.  Three times total.
 Aubryn has an amazing talent with the etch a sketch
 Waiting in the airport and this guy was doing his workout.  Squats, arm circles, etc.
 Headed to Southern California with JUST Brian.

 When we drove past the fire hydrants they reminded me of the Christus statue.
 Out front of our hotel.

 Eden playing house and being a baby.
 Just in case I never want to use tape or red yarn again, someone took care of that for me.

 "Look, I have a new nose." I told Eden.  She barely looked over at me and with no expression said, "perfect."
 "Do I look like a baseball player with my tall socks?"  Eden asked.

 One of Rylan's drawings
 Brad came home from school after cleaning the greenhouse.
 Showing me his model of the greenhouse that he takes care of at the High School.

Brad planting his garden.  James is helping me.  I was thinking about how he might not be home to harvest it.  He might be gone on his mission.