Sunday, July 24, 2011

Baby in the Bath!

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning. Just typing that fills me with emotions. Getting all kids dressed somewhat decently and fed for 9am church is only half the battle. (Brian did start dressing Rylan in James’ clothes from yesterday. He didn’t even notice except to say, "This shirt has food on it." I ran over to look, wondering how his Sunday shirt was dirty before he put it on. "Brian." I said, "Those are James clothes!" It was a very snug fit.)

Once we start trying to load the kids in the van is when the real fun begins. "Everybody in the van!" I shout. That is the cue for the little boys to open the garage door and get every trike and bike and go cart and scooter and anything else out of the garage and take OFF. I seem to be surprised every time. I walk out to the van ready to go, thinking, "THIS week we will find a seat in the chapel!" only to discover that NO one is in the van.

"Reagan!? Reagan? REAGAN? Where is Reagan? Is Reagan still in the house?... Rylan?! RY-LAN!"  Rylan is down the road in the "only-goes-DOWN- the-street-go-cart". I walk down the street with a baby on my hip in my heals and skirt to get Rylan. As I go, I discover Reagan hiding behind the neighbor’s truck. He is on his bike wearing his helmet over his freshly combed hair. It seems I am always reminding him to put his helmet on, but today, the day his hair was combed and has hair spray in it, is the day he remembered all by himself.  "Hurry up and get in the van!" I holler to him. Off he rides.

I continue to walk to Rylan who is waiting patiently. He says he can’t ride it up and wants me to carry it. "It’s easy." He tells me. So, I start up the hill, dragging the no-go cart with a baby on my hip in my heals and skirt telling the 2 year old to head to the van over and over because I know he will forget. Then Rylan changed his mind. He wants to ride. "Push me!" Now I am pushing the 2 year old up the street in the go cart with a baby on my hip in my heals and skirt saying, "don’t steer into the grass!"

Reagan rides by me on his bike again. "Reagan! Get in the van!"

"I am. I’m just going here first." Zoom. Off he goes again.

I have lost my patience. "Come on! We are going to church! We don’t want to be late. Why did you put your helmet on? Put your bike in the garage. Hurry up! GET IN THE VAN!!!"

Finally! We are in the van and pull out of the drive way. I look over and there is my neighbor sitting on her porch. Lovely.

WHY do we do this? Is it worth it? I hope so!! Actually, I know so. Nothing that is worth it comes easily. I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true. I want my kids to know that too.

"you move over.  No you."

Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Brad!  You are the meanest kid on the whole world AND earth!"  -Reagan

Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Good bye 10. Hello 11!"

That is what Brad told himself early this morning when he woke up near the time he was born.  Then he went back to sleep.  We spent the day at Lagoon with cousins.  Tonight the neighbor has promised a super duper fireworks show.

On the train!


Sticking together, Aubryn and Maddie.

Waiting in line.

Music Express, before it started.

Birthday treat, Jello!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

None of these things tie together...

But I don't want to forget them.
Last week I was by Reagan while he was saying his prayers at night.  He blessed "Parker Smith".  I had no idea who that was.  Later I realized he condensed two ladies in our ward that we pray for on a daily basis.  Sister Parker and Sister Smith.
At the reunion with the water slide, we were getting ready to go and Rylan got his thumb shut in the back of the car door.  It shut all the way and his thunb was in the back where the hing is.  Within a short time, you could NOT tell AT ALL that anything had happened.  His thumb was totally fine.  He was blessed!
At another reunion that was this last weekend, my kids were a little nuts.  The best example of that was when Reagan put a sliced olive IN HIS NOSE.  I thought for sure we were going to have to go the doctor and have them get it out.  He was able to blow it out.  I couldn't even see it in there.  I'm glad he was able to blow it out, just wish he would have waited for me to get a tissue.
Yesterday Aubryn came up to me and asked if I could get her some matches.  I said no.  She kept asking.  I said no several times.  Finally I said.  I WILL NOT GET YOU MATCHES.  Then she said, "OKAY.  Do you know where I can find some?"