Sunday, June 24, 2018

June 2018

 Painting rocks at youth conference

 Brad carving giant head in bush

Eden sleeping

Summer days

Eden and Wesley

the finger, Wesley's broken finger healing
James, Wesley, and Eden


flowers in my yard

Rocks I painted

Eating (?) breakfast

Kristel's garden by Brad

Eden playing hide and seek
D.J. Shad is tiered
Ian and Eden in the rain
School lunch

getting rid of the organ
almost better
movie in the park
Apron I sewed for a bridal shower gift
Aubryn selling water balloons and squirt guns in the founders day parade
James's gift to Brian
Brian spotted a love cloud
Selling (?) snow cones
just before I peeled that last bit off. nail looks good now.  Just a little lumpy
Eden loved the band at the salmon bake
fire.  We watched the fireworks in the backyard