Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Start of Summer 2018

 Hike, Reagan and James went with friends

 Rylan and Reagan

 Aubryn made a mermaid tail!
 I went to the dentist and had opposite sides of my mouth numbed. ugh.
 Chalkboard fun

 Aubryn's twenty-one pilots nails

 Isaac's birthday giant cupcake

 June 2 was Isaac's birthday and I felt all day that we should be doing something big and fun.  16 is a big birthday, drivers license, dating.  So, I finally made cupcakes.  We had visited his grave the night before because we had a busy Saturday. I was kind of emotional about his birthday. I hoped we would go do something in the evening.  We had new neighbors moving in that day and Brian and Brad spent most of their day helping.
 Funny sign we saw.

 At the cemetary

 Brian laying by his grave
 Wesley fixing plants that fell over
 Brad fixing plants. 
 Aubryn fixing plants
 Eden fixing plants

 Someone else fixing plants, maybe Rylan.  I can't see it well.

 DONUTS! tradition.

 Wesley and James

 The gang!

 Eden wanted to be a mermaid like Aubryn so I made this for her.

 Colette and Aubryn
 High five!  "Good game, good game, good game, happy birthday!"

 Reagan hit the ball!

 Reagan pitching

 Rylan and Dylan
 More doodles

 The beginnings of Aubryn's fin
 Wesley and Eden