Sunday, November 18, 2018

My Missionary Christmas Package

I know I may have gone a bit crazy with this, but it was fun!  Brad is a very festive person and I know he will appreciate all of it.  That actually motivated me to do something special for him.  It is his first holiday season away from home.  I wanted him not to feel forgotten, but also focus on the work.  I didn't want the things I gave him to be useless, add to his stuff to lug around, or be all junk food. I took lots of photos to help me remember for my future missionaries.

 Here is the box almost all packed up.  I added a bag of caramel corn and a big "Merry Christmas Brad" sign that we all signed.  I wrapped three gifts that are in there.  Also, I ordered some jeans for him and had them shipped right to him with an advent calendar.  He asked for 2 more pair in his last email.  I know he is working and serving lots.
 I added candy a cane and pencils after I took this photo

 Brad's "celestial tree".  The idea is that it is like the temple.

 Items I put in his box.  Some were stuffed in his stocking.
 His Christmas piano book and paper to write letters.
 These are to give away to kids and others as he is about the Lord's errand.
 Wooden ornaments.  I gave him a dozen of them to give away.  Also, tags and cards
 There are 12 of these as well, to give away.
 There are 12 of the gold ornament also.
 I had the family write their testimony or feelings about the Book of Mormon.  I typed them up and printed them on sticky back paper.  I cut them up and Brad can peel the back off and stick them in Books of Mormon before he gives them away.

 A snow globe with all the kids on Christmas Eve last year.
 Nativity.  Small and plastic, but looks nice.  It also was lightweight which is great for shipping!
 Testimonies of the Book of Mormon.
 Some of the ornaments

 Pillow cases.  I always love a new fresh pillowcase.
 The kid's testimonies before I typed them up.

 The stocking!

 T-shirts.  Front on left and back on the right
 Front on the right here.
The package cost $33 to ship.