Friday, March 4, 2011

2011 Flu Season Awards

Best Picture goes to the thermometer when it finally read a normal reading after days of fevers.

Best Action goes to Rylan for his puking in the car.

Best Drama goes to Reagan for his desperate pleas to be held.

Best Comedy goes to Aubryn who after being the first to get the flu 4 weeks ago told Reagan, who is in the thick of it right now, to get away from her so he wouldn’t get her sick.

Actor in a Leading Role goes to Rylan. He portrayed the "sick boy" in a way that made you feel his pain.  This was a tough one to call.  Any of the nominees could have won.

Actor in a Supporting Role goes to Dad who continued to work and support us while he suffered the symptoms. He also played a major role in caring for the afflicted.

Actress in a Leading Role goes to Aubryn. She lead us all into this.

Actress in a Supporting Role goes to Mom for all her support, love, hugs, holding, rubbing, bathing, rocking...

Animated Feature Film goes to "Super Why", "Cat in the Hat", and "Bug’s Life" for being the favorites viewed by the sickos.

Cinematography goes to Brad for his lighting adjustments in his room to pitch black.

Costume Design goes to Mom who declared it pajama day over and over.

Directing goes to Mom for directing, "Turn your head into your shoulder when you cough." "Eat your Motrin." "Let’s wipe your nose." "Hurry to the potty."

Documentary Feature goes to Mom who documented the events of each day to Dad.

Documentary Short Subject goes to Brad who caught up on his school subjects in minimal time after missing school.

Makeup goes to Mom only for her mere attempts to cover up her dark circles and weary eyes.

Music goes to the children’s laughter, which is music to a mother’s ears after the children have been ill.

Short Film goes to Mom and Dad for their nights of short sleeping moments.

Sound Editing goes to Brian for the many Priesthood blessing he pronounced.

Sound Mixing goes to James. Lots of sounds from this poor baby that make parents worry.

Visual Effects This is a toss up. All are nominated and awarded for their sunken in eyes, heavy eyelids, pale faces, and crazy bed hair.

Special Effects goes to Reagan who pulled a 103.7 degree temperature while on Motrin.

Writing goes to Brad for his eloquent writing about this season on his blog.