Sunday, February 3, 2013

No More Fighting! FHE

I don't know if it is the winter blues or everyone  needs to get out more, but our house has been full of bickering and fighting lately.  I hate it!  I wanted to do a Family Home Evening and talk about how we can have a happier home.  I am writing this so I remember these things we talked about.

The first thing I did was ask who likes to fight?  No one raised their hand.  "Then why do we do it?"  We made a list of the reasons that we fight.

Why Do We Fight?

·         bad mood

·         not showing respect

·         over react

·         bug/ annoy

·         not listen

·         say hurtful things

·         break things

·         not taking turns

·         not share

·         impatient

·         ignore

·         accusing

This was our list.  Ironically the kids fought and bickered about the LIST!  You do that, I don't do that, Rylan always does that, or like when so and so..., blah blah blah!  Good heavens!

Then we went through the list and discussed how we can work on each of the reasons.  We specifically talked about ways to control ourselves and work it out when we are being provoked.  We made a new list that I wrote big on a paper and want to hang up where they see it.  I wanted only positive words on the new list.  So I didn't write, "No yelling."  I wrote , "Speak kindly."  I also wanted the list of things to work on short and simple, so it is practical and not overwhelming.  Here is the new list:

        Happy House!

       ·         Speak Kindly

       ·         Be Patient

       ·         Ask Nicely

       ·         Nice Words

       ·         Listen

       ·         Understanding