Friday, May 3, 2013

Can I have an otter pop?

"Can I have an otter pop?  Can I have an otter pop?  Can I have an otter pop?"
I hear this ALL DAY LONG.  Yesterday morning I went in my room to nurse Wesley and the kids were in the backyard playing.  I heard Rylan come inside crying.  "Uhhhhhh.  Waaaaaa. Uhhhhhh".  He was walking around the house making those sounds that he is so good at.  I knew he was looking for me.  He came upstairs and noticed I was feeding the baby.  He knows he should not interrupt.  He pushed the door open just a tiny bit.  I could see his eyeball through the crack.  He whispered, "MOM. CAN I HAVE AN OTTER POP?"  While I fed the baby during that one feeding both Reagan and James came in my room and asked me for one also.  When I said, "after lunch." it was devastating!  Reagan's whole body expressed despair.  His shoulders slumped so low his hands almost hit the carpet.  James even pounded his fist on my chair and said, "Ah-eh pah!!"  What do they put in those things!?  NO more otter pops!