Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

I am loving this portrait of me by Reagan.

She nailed it with what I would wish for!

one morning  last week when Aubryn was leaving for school.

This is Reagan's "favorite purple stripped tulip that is turning a little bit blue".  I took this in our yard and added the words.

Here are some moments from the day:
Woke up to Rylan's screaming and James' poopy diaper.
As I held Rylan to help calm him down he looked up at me and said, "Mom, you are growing a mustache."
Enjoyed cinnamon rolls from the ward fundraiser.
Loved the treasure box full of compliments and coupons from my kids!
Had a great dinner with Brian Saturday night (and Wesley too) While Brad tended.
Finished up the annual Kid Talk video most of the morning.
Brian gave me some pretty flowers and a thoughtful card.
While giving kids their baths before church Aubryn had a bloody nose.  I used a maxi pad to catch the blood.  It worked great!
Rylan asked me during sacrament meeting, "When I get baptized, will I still have you?"
Rylan also asked me, "When is it Mother's day for boys?"
I actually thought to myself during sacrament meeting, "I wonder how bad it would be to give my kids benadryl before church."
Reagan wrote in a card for me at church, "Hape Brthaye mom.  I men Ahpe Muthrs Daye."
Enjoyed a grilled hamburger with family.
When the day was almost over, Rylan said, "Tomorrow I don't have to do anything nice for you!"


Jenny said...

what great pictures of you and your kids!