Monday, September 11, 2017


 Happy Birthday dear Reagan!  11 years old!!!
 Eden let me braid her hair!  AND  Eden has enough hair to braid!
 Pumpkin season is approaching!

 The the museum with Camille, Brooks and Colette.

 Brooks, Reagan, Aubryn, Colette, and Hailey

 Celebrating Reagan's birthday with Henry and Cordon.  They went to a waterslide park.

 Very first french braid in Eden's hair!
 How we grocery shop.
 Lunch with my two littlest cuties.  "I'm done!  Now I get a cookie." Eden shouted when she finished.

 Zoom in and that says that if your name is Jesus, then come in for a free rose!  I was hoping I might see him go in.
 My morning side kick.
 First day of kindergarten!
 Headed to school.
 He was the first one there and looked back at me as I left.  So sweet.  He has complained about not getting treats or "caught being good" cards.  Or that other kids are the special mystery studen and not him.  I think he'll come around.  He sure was smiling when I picked him up and he had birthday treats.