Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Blue!

We were given some blueberry popcorn from some friends.

The next night during dinner, Reagan needed a potty break. Brian went in to help him with the final steps. "Whoa! You have to come see this!" I have heard this before. Usually because of the impressive length. I wasn’t about to leave my dinner to check out my 3 year old’s poop.

The kids filed in and all left amazed and laughing. So, I finally went to see what all the fuss was about. The poop was blue, but only HALF of the poop was blue. There was a clear line down the middle. Reagan was so proud. "I have bwoo poop!"

The blue poop continued for days. But now it was ALL be blue. Even better! Every time this happened Reagan and Aubryn would announce it so loud that people passing by in airplanes overhead could hear.

The kids have really enjoyed telling everyone they meet about the blue poop. My visiting teacher, people at church, and today an old lady at the grocery store.

I had my three littlest in, or hanging on, the shopping cart full of groceries. I had remembered to grab one last thing, so I left them at the end of the isle and ran down the isle to grab it. When I came back to the cart an older lady was talking to them. I caught the end of the conversation.

"So, you’re name is Reagan and you’re 3?" She said.

"Yeah, and he has blue poop." Aubryn told her.

Reagan backed up the claim. "Yeah! I have bwoo poop!"

She tipped her head to the side a bit and in a high voice said, "What?" They told her again. I arrived at the cart about now. She looked at me with her head still cocked and said nothing. She looked very confused. I guessed that she couldn’t understand what they were saying. So I restated it AGAIN. "He said he has blue poop." I said with a half smile. She said nothing. She turned and went away.