Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Reagan and Brian were playing catch with the baseball and mitt yesterday.  Reagan threw the ball far to the left of Brian and pretty high.  Brian took a giant leap and reached far for it.  He caught it mid air!  Reagan said, "Wow, Dad!  That was like ballet!"
While playing catch Reagan caught the ball and it rolled out of his "mitten."
My friend was over and her van has some Ragnar stickers on the back.  Reagan said to me, "Look, Mom, her car has tattoos."
Rylan and his cousin, Clare, play really well together.  One time they had been playing horses for awhile and I overheard one of them ask the other, "Do you want to play humans?"
Overheard Reagan and Rylan getting ready for bed one night.  Reagan shouted, "SSHHHHHH!  I'M SAYING MY PRAYERS!"
Reagan is really particular about his clothes.  One day he had to wear his not so favorite pants because the others were in the wash.  They are cargo pants and he does not like to wear them.  He was crying and talking really fast, "I don't want to wear these!  They look like scout pants!  People are going to ask me, 'Are you a scout?' and I will say, 'No." and they will be like, 'Why are you wearing scout pants!?'  waaaa."
At Activity days we were playing Simon Says Draw.  One of the girls told us to draw a peace sign.  When we all showed each other our pictures Aubryn had drawn a "P sign".  It was a sign on a post with a P on it.
The day they shut down Boston to find the Marathon Bombers we decided to take our boys to lunch.  The restaurant had a T.V. playing the news.  The boys were asking lots of questions.  I told them that the pictures of the men were pictures of "bad guys" and the police were looking for them.
"What did they do?" they asked.
"They hurt a lot of people."  I responded.
Just a few days ago Rylan came to me while I was getting ready in the morning. "Mom, did they ever catch those bad guys in the restaurant?"
At first I wasn't sure what he was talking about.  He told me a little bit more and I remembered that day.  I told him, "Yes."
Then he had questions about where they found them and what happened.  He asked what the bad guys said.  I told him the police caught him and took him to jail.  I didn't tell him where they found him or that the other guy died.  I told him they were in big trouble.
He said, "I bet they found him in a bush.  I bet when the police were taking him away he was saying, 'Ahh noo!  I wish I hadn't made all those bad decisions!!'"
Later when he came downstairs he said to James in a baby voice, "They caught the bad guys at the restaurant!  I did not know that!"
Today after lunch the boys wanted ice cream.  I told them to take it in the backyard to eat.  I said, "And no crying, fighting, or screaming.  The neighbors are going to call the police and say something is going on at the Hawks' because there is so much screaming!"  [I am not exaggerating.  If Rylan was falling off the edge of the earth to his death or having his ball taken from him, he would sound THE SAME.]
Rylan asked, "Who's the Hawks?"
I said, "We are.  Our family."
Reagan said, "Yeah, because most of us have Hawks for a last name."
"Reagan, we all  have Hawks for a last name."  I said.
"No we don't.  Like, Ryaln's last name is Ander."  (that is Rylan's middle name)